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  1. THIS. At least one of the remaining Forsaken besides Moridin (Graendal) knew for sure Rand was at Shayol Ghul, and I am not even counting Lanfear. Slayer knew he was there too. Just more proof there was no reason at all for Demandred to think Rand would be at Merrilor. Maybe my brain just didn't want to process this, now it seems clear as day. By the way, why was Shaidar Haran a total non-factor? Wasn't he built up (over several books) to be the physical embodyment of the DO??
  2. Well, he managed to overmatch Rand in melee with a staff in Falme. This was after Rand was able to kill a blademaster in a duel...so it's always been clear he was no slouch in close combat. That's' not how it happened. Rand intentionally "sheathed the sword" to gain an advantage on Ba'alzamon.
  3. This argument is missing the point and not making a fair comparison. No, Taim's loss proved Taim is not exceptional. Also, Taim with a sa'angreal cannot be at all compared to Damandred with a sa'angreal and in a circle. What I'm saying is that if Sukarnoe was more powerful than Callandor, Taim would surely have won that duel, as we know that Egwene is less powerful than Nynaeve, and I don't think there's anything to suggest that Eg's sa'angreal was very powerful. If it is thus established that Sukarnoe is NOT as powerful as Callandor, then Dem simply wouldn't have the power to destroy the Light armies as Rand had done with Callandor. You're still missing the entire point. I'm gonna just stop trying to explain myself,
  4. Unfortunately that was specifically squashed by the text. It says the horse Noal was riding was a shining white and had a golden saddle.
  5. This argument is missing the point and not making a fair comparison. No, Taim's loss proved Taim is not exceptional. Also, Taim with a sa'angreal cannot be at all compared to Damandred with a sa'angreal and in a circle.
  6. I never got that impression. The battle never focused on Demandred for any length of time and he didn't destroy the Dragons or Matt's camp. He didn't even strike at Matt's camp because he said it was somehow an invincible fortress of solitude. From Demandred's POV he was: "... opposite the hill that Moghedien said they called Dashar Knobb. The rock formation rose high in the air; its base was a fine position for a command post, sheltered from attacks from the One Power" He then goes on about how he can't attack or travel to Matt's command post because it was "...possibly a trap, surrounded as it was by those high rock walls" This makes no sense at all. What position would withstand balefire or any other powerful exploding earth/lightening/fire/etc blast?? How is a rock formation sheltered from the One Power when it is completely possible for Demandred to just crumble the earth around it or just use balefire to carve the whole mountain up?? This was before he gave Sakarnen to M'Hael so he still had access to its power. If this had been Rand and he knew where one of the Forsaken was, he would have demolished anything to get to them. That Demandred says he can't destroy a rock formation just seems ridiculous.
  7. I never said it was. Sure Callandor is the strongest, but that doesn't mean Sakarnen is weak. You're just guessing that Einar was wrong when we really have no reason to believe that's the case. This is TG, the battle to decide the fate of the world. It's highly likely that one of the Forsaken would come to the party in a full circle. The point is BS wrote in a specific qualifier (full circle) to make Demandred's entrance so grand and then didn't use it at all. Even with half a circle one of the Forsaken and a sa'angreal could have blown up a ton of crap. It really didn't feel like Demandred was a huge factor in the battle itself. He just seemed to be put there to eventually fight Lan.
  8. I guess that's possible, but the text is specific. Einar says "A full circle. Seventy-two." Why would BS write such specific dialogue if it wasn't at least mostly accurate? For all we know Einar saw a group of people there and did quick count in his head. Maybe it was a slight exaggeration but I highly doubt there was a circle of only 5-10.
  9. There should be about 3000 more Light side chanellers and a few million more troops in the books than Brandon actually shows us.... The numbers issue is but one of the conveniently placed inconsistencies that we are talking about here. A number in particular is the number one. I am talking about the power wielded by one guy, Rand, many books ago and how that compares to events in TG. Back in PoD Rand uses Callandor, by himself, to basically rout 2 armies in just a few minutes. So let's get back to numbers: 1 powerful guy (Rand) + 1 sa'angreal (Callandor) = quick destruction of 2 armies So let's assume that battle is fought again but Rand used Callandor in a small circle with two women and had no fear of using balefire. In that case he should have been able to EASILY directly damage the Seanchan army and destroy it completely with ease. Instead he was by himself (and went crazy) yet still was able to rain down powerful destruction and defeat the Seanchan army and greatly damage his own army. Now let's move on to the math Demandred used during TG: 1 powerful guy (Demandred) + 1 sa'angreal (Sakarnen) + A CULL CIRCLE (72 dreadlords/Black Ajah) = Some balefire here and there??? Demandred should have been able to DECIMATE all in front of him. He would have been able to explode huge chunks (many acres) of land in quick succession and rain down all manner of destruction. Also since he was perfectly fine using balefire, he should have just drawn a line of death through the battle and wiped out enormous masses of people/land/trees/equipment/etc. He didn't even need total line-of-sight with balefire because if a hill was in his way he could have just blown it up. They went on and on about how Rand could have leveled continents when he was holding the Access Key and he was just in a circle of two. Yeah Sakarnen wasn't as powerful as the Chodean Kal, but Denandred didn't need to melt a continent, he just needed to destroy some armies that were right in front of him. Nobody on Team Rand had anywhere near that much power at their disposal. Egwene was the only thing even remotely close but it shouldn't be a comparison. She had a sa'angreal, true, but she wasn't nearly as powerful as Demandred (personally) to begin with and he had a far larger circle. Some may say Demandred didn't want to just win outright because his main goal was to fight Rand (though I think this is a very flawed idea), but how better to draw out Rand than to utterly destroy all of the Light's forces?? So clearly the numbers do not add up here. BS gave Demandred a grand entrance and immense power but didn't let him do much with it. This is just one more inconsistency among many.
  10. Do I really have to say it?? In an epic series that spans over 10,000 pages, you can't judge the final books as stand-alone products. As we have mentioned many times, the failings of AMoL are only partially self-contained. Many issues we have noted REQUIRE READING THE REST OF THE SERIES to understand. How else would we be able to spot inconsistencies without prior context??
  11. Really?? Are you kidding me?? First off, WH was fantastic. One of my favorite books of the whole series. Second, how do you think you have any right to come here and critique the series (and the last 3 books in particular) when you haven't even read it all?? I don't even feel it's worth it to counter your argument because you aren't qualified to comment. Third, REALLY???????????
  12. ^^ THIS. ^^ So much time was wasted in the last 3 books. The Perrin/Slayer arc should have been resolved MUCH sooner. Perrin could have easily gone against Moggy or Graendal during in the Wolf Dream during TG. AMoL was awash in battle scenes that made little sense followed by another battle scene that made little sense. Trim all that and we could have had the meeting at Merrilor, Moiraine's reunion with Rand, and several other scenes (most of the BT drama) in TGS and ToM. That would have allowed AMoL to spend more time with the people we care about and also more time wrapping up the series in a more appropriate way. This all should have been decided years ago.
  13. This, and the points Dom documented so well, can't be overstated. Several times as I was reading I would shake my head and wonder how some scenes/events made it into the book. I saw these things with out even trying to and that shows they were pretty obvious. How all these inconsistencies and errors could make it into what's probably the most important book Harriet has ever edited is incomprehensible. They had plenty of time and resources so there's no excuse. If we can pick out all this then they should have known many of the scenes were way off in tone and character.
  14. No, my comments are not pointless. In 100 pages all that I mentioned could have been easily addressed. Again I say I am not expecting another book's worth of material, but something as opposed to nothing. I get that you like the idea that we have EVERYTHING left open and thus that's an appropriate ending, but I completely disagree. We got an ending to TG, but NOT an ending to the story. The story of WOT is not only about TG and I expected the "end" to be more than just "Battle's over, so everyone go home!!".
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