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  1. almearafan: Let me know if I left anyone out Damn straight!!! The Dark One: Oh shit! Im buggered , going back to my stincky prison...stupid woman....
  2. Has anybody thought that maybe Demandred could be in the Blight gathering the DO´s forces ??? Although i dont belive this myself (for the simple reason that this is a boring explanation and that RJ like to shock us) it could explain why 2 things are happening: 1-Demandred hate (and i mean hates) LTT (who has just been reencarnated as Rand).If i were Demandred i would have gone after him the moment i knew where he was UNLESS i had specific orders not to from the DO. 2-Why are all the Trollocs gone from the Blight when the Blight hasnt retreated for 3000 years???Kinda suspicious if you ask me and the only reason i can think of to explain this is a massive army being gathered...And who is the DO´s best general now (after Sammaels death) yup you got it Demandy!
  3. Woa!!! Luckers i reckon your Moridin/Ishamael!!! With all your philosophical theories you could be the DO right hand man easy!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  4. But various foretellings/dreams/viewings state that Elayne/Aviendha/Min will be there when Rand dies (and thats after the last battle) so how could Cyndane kill them????
  5. Thanks for clearing that up you two :) i always wondered why Halima couldnt channel on Mat...
  6. Its good to see we agree in some thing Luckers :lol: we aint all that different after all
  7. The foxhead medallion DOESNT make the wearer inmune to saidin. Remember in FoH when Rand leads the Aiel+Aviendha+Mat against Rahvin in Caemlyn??? Remember when Rahvin channels lighting out of the sky and it gets Avi and Mat and they both die and then Rand brings them back to life by balefiring Rahvin (therefore making anything he did in the past void ie. the lighting)???? Well Mat was wearing his medallion then and he was TOAST!!!
  8. Luckers im not arguing with your theory or anything what im saying is that it doesnt work for me (it probably does for loads of people just not me). Although the theory of Rand having kids in Moridins body does sound pretty likely to me (once again this is a personal opinion). Wasnt there something in KoD when one of the Aiel Wise Ones says to Elayne that because she can channel she is inmune to most birthing diseases???
  9. Im so sick of the theory of the saa going through Rands eyes after the Semi battle! THERE NOT SAA!!! Nynaeve says she feels something wrong with his eyes after delving and Rand sees dark spots because hes eyes get a light overload by the fireball! Nobody else sees the spots in Rands eyes!!! Only Rand himself because of his brain interpreting the signals from his stunned eyes!
  10. I didnt mean to be mean Luckers its just that i think its really unlikely... I alwyas thought that the reason why Avi would have 4 kids is that Rand is taveren therefore altering the chance of having so many babies at once :)
  11. Jesus... cloned??? Can i buy some crack off you Luckers??? I reckon your on to something there Ilyena that could be the reason why they are different...VERY interesting theory...
  12. i said Bonazoga and by God i mean to stick by it! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. I dont care if he IS a feeses throwing monkey as long as he is called Bonanzoga...
  14. No you silly boy its called Bonanzoga!!!! All hail Bonanzoga ! Steward of Bela the almighty!!!
  15. Possibly... What we do know is that Isam/Luc (ah feck it lets just call him Slayer) HAS to play a bigger role in the books because up to now all he has been is an assasin for the DO (and not a very succesfull one at that) BUT , if the Forsaken/DO already have Shaidar Haran + Gholam what do they need another assasin for??? The theory goes that Slayer (apart from something big in Tarmon Gaidon) is there to set an example (and previous reference) of two minds coming in to one body for whenever Rand and Moridin switch bodies (or whatever they will do).
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