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  1. Well, they had already said their goodbyes to Rand, and everybody already knew that Rand was going to die, so there really wasn't all that much to say.
  2. Of course there was no need for protection, that is only a byproduct of binding the soul to the DO. I was under the impression that "abandoning the Light" was done through binding the soul to the DO, otherwise all the forsaken are just top level dreadlords and darkfriends. Isn't that what they essentially are though? Taim proved that when he was elevated from high level dreadlord to a full Chosen.
  3. Wasn't space?! As if we needed scene after scene of that video game esque battle porn where trollocs were chopped down like fodder? There was more than enough room for scenes like that. i agree. We should have had more scenes between different characters. Moiraine and suian, for example, or moiraine and Lan. We didnt need SO much time spent on endless battle scenes, even if it is the Last battle, or the adventures of Pevara and Androl. Moiraine and Lan met, it was very underwhelming, but they did meet. You'd think they would be happy for each other. Maybe Lan held a grudge that she didn't tell him what was going to happen, but he honestly can't be upset about his bond being passed. So, I don't know, it got like a whole 2 sentences, but it was there. More Moiraine and Nynaeve actually communicating. I guess we can just hope they become friends. I don't think it was underwhelming, not at all. When you've known a person for as long as they have, you can say a lot by not saying anything at all. I'm sure that they had an understanding of each other. But you have to remember, when Moiraine returned, it was right before the LB, the fight for the fate of the entire Pattern. It wasn't exactly the ideal time for flowery reunions.
  4. The purpose of the the 200 page last battle was that everything was rushed. Everything had to be a quick decision, without a lot of thought being put into it. Sanderson intended to create a strong mood of urgency. So when Gawyn died during the LB, Egwene didn't really have time to consider her dreams and prophecies. She was just concerned with doing her duty as Amyrlin Seat.
  5. However, the two antitheses are made up of of pure chaos and evil, and pure order and goodness. Their entities are completely made up of these things. Although the Creator may take no part in human action, he can still be present in the pattern for influence upon human attitude. He did create the Dragon as the pattern's check, remember. Shai'tan's being locked up is different than being destroyed. He can still be comprised of pure evil, but if that is eliminated, then it changes people's personality's, similar to Turning.
  6. I took a look around the forums, and apparently all of the Sharan prophecies were indeed fulfilled
  7. and also, how is it that Rand leaves the "remnant of a remnant"? Surely the Aiel weren't almost all killed of during TG right?
  8. I think what you said about Rand being the Wyld and weaving without weaves is generally accepted, though I'm not sure how much Rand will be roped up into another round of prophecies. Oh, I don't think that he will be caught in more prophecies-just that it would be funny if he did. :P No, the Sharan prophecies were not about Rand. They were actually about Demandred, even though Demandred himself thought it was about Rand. So then do we know if the sharan prophecies were in any way fulfilled?
  9. Was there any sort of conflict with the shadow on the continent Seanchan? Or did the entire universe's fate only concern part of the world?
  10. Well, we've seen that Verin and Ingtar have redeemed themselves, but granted, assuming that a soul hasn't redeemed itself, I'm wondering if the DO has a permanent hold or not. I was under the impression that Ingtar and Verin only redeemed themselves in deeds, they did not break the DO's hold on them. That's what made Verin so courageous and honorable; she did the unthinkable to fight the DO. Perhaps being tied to the wheel and being spun out over and over again takes a sort of 'precedence' over the dark one's damnation
  11. I think that would be too much outside interference, as that would GREATLY change people's lives everywhere, possibly even expedite a new AoL. And then the cycle would go on again, pattern needs to balance out good with bad, yadda yadda, we all know where that goes
  12. The DO is referred to as the lord of the grave, so does he always have control over the dead? Even while imprisoned? Or just when he breaks out, he automatically seizes everybody who dies from there on out? I know that you guys said that he might not have control over the dead for "many lifetimes of men", but what happens to the dead souls that he did have control over???
  13. This seems to confirm that Birgette was a special case when she came back when the Horn called. She was never really born, after all. Of course, Bela has morphed into a gray mare here, and this could just be Brandon's preference and not cannon or anything. But if he wasn't completely joking, its pretty obvious who would be riding Bela... When you say she was never really born, in a way, she was. The pattern was working backwards with her- erasing her memories of Gaidal, past battles, etc. However, when she died, she was once again at the pattern's complete disposal.
  14. well his happiness depends on his ability to make avi/elayne/min live forever because without his lovers, I think he would not find a lot of happiness. That being said, also take into consideration that if he lived forever, then he would still be living the next time the third age rolled around, which would mess up the pattern because he is still the dragon.
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