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  1. Just a thought. I am sure suttee will have a field day with this ha. Loial was supposed to be gathering info to write this story. Perhaps if rather than having BS try to "take over" the story for RJ, we would have seen an intentional change of voice and seen the final moments as written by "Loial" it could have alleviated some of the incongruity? I mean shoulda, coulda, woulda, but opinions?
  2. That is rather beside the point. For the battles at least I really don't see that being the case. RJ was a veteran and military historian. Portions of the series like the Damona Mountain Campaign contain some of the most brillian writing. We certainly would not have gotten anything approaching the disappearing channelers(which fundamentally changed the very nature of the LB), somewhat inane strategies, and never ending video game style trolloc fodder. Okay, true and undeniable RJ would have done it better. And perhaps we wouldnt all be here ripping the last book to shreds. I would like to k
  3. I do have to say, BS had an impossible task. To complete a master's work of over 20 years in the making--a world that many of us have cherished for our entire lives--that's some pretty big shoes to fill. Let's all be honest, for all of our gripes, none of us could have done any better. Would I have liked to see more of this and that, sure. Hopefully there will be some sort of compendium that fills in some of the holes. I think even if Mr. Jordan would have stayed alive to finish the novels himself, we would still be here picking away at things we are unsatisfied about.
  4. The Seanchan know how to replicate the female a'dam(they all come from copies of the orginal made by a female channeler who was trying to curry favor with Luthair). Per RJ that is the only thing they know how to make. Thanks Suts, you always have such great info!
  5. What is the obsession with couples????? Is anyone single in these books, and if you die is it absolutely necessary that your partner die too? I think there was way too much of an attempt to have a satisfying conclusion for every damn character. Sorry Faile, but you should have stayed dead.
  6. It's not only about raw strength.To whit, wasn't Graendal drawing on a circle of compelled channelers? So who is to say how much strength she had. Indeed, plus Graendal has her own plain gold ring angreal. Seems fairly even - she's facing three Forsaken-level channelers (Talaan, Alivia and Cadsuane + angreal) and two just under Forsaken-level (Amys is a match for Romanda/Lelaine, which isn't too far off Aviendha). On a side note, when Perrin chased Graendal out of TAR did anyone notice that it seemed to read like the forkroot came out with Graendal as she was still spitting it out in th
  7. Also, are gateways one-way? what happens if you go through a gateway the wrong way?
  8. Indeed. The tying off thing was seemingly forgotten/stopped well before BS came on board.As late as KoD, Rand talks of tying off his Deathgates so they would dissipate in a few minutes. Perrin also talks of wishing he could ask Grady to tie off a Gateway, but refraining as he didn't want the Shaido to be able to reach the TR. Ah thanks. Had spaced on that. Didn't Aviendha tie off her gateway in AMoL when she was fighting Hessalam? I thought it was when she began to untie it that it unraveled and caused the explosion.
  9. I like that BS didn't drag out the aftermath. So many novels (e.g. lord of the rings, the Belgariad/Mallorean, etc.) drag out the aftermath of the final battle. BS kept it short but sweet. Plus, I think after the huge role Mat played in the final battle, he was probably happy just to sneak away with his little empress and play a little game of sul'dam and damane, if you know what I mean *wink* *wink*.
  10. Plus all the power wrought spear and arrowheads that, if my memory serves me correctly, were supposed to have a pretty nasty effect on darkspawn. I would have expected to see groups of aiel, with their power wrought spears and bucklers, at the last battle killing trollocs gleefully and without abandon. This is what their entire culture had built to for centuries. We saw a little of that at TG, but as with all of the battles I feel like there were too many things that BS felt needed to be covered--so we got a little piece of many many different storylines.
  11. 3 girls instead of one ( Avi , Min , Elayne vs Ilyena ) and 3 mans instead of 1 ( Rand , Perrin , Mat vs LTT ) ... don't know what to do about this but i agree with you :) HOLY trinity? Anyother biblical similarities? Obvious eastern culture influences. Maybe this is not the right thread for these comments. Sorry. GO MAT!
  12. Where are all of these power wrought spearheads? I thought this skill that Perrin rediscovered was going to be hugely important to the battles but they weren't even mentioned but briefly in the beginning. Hello! Teams of the best Aiel with super weapons. Even Gaul didn't seem to have anything special. Also, after failed kidnapping there is no way in hell he would have let her out of his sight again! We all read how Perrin acted through that whole episode. HE WAS POSSESSED!
  13. OH by the way, what happened to all the power wrought spear heads. Someone mentioned that the aiel were barely in the book, I would have thought an army of the best aiel carrying power wrought spears woild have been a significant part of the battle. That would have been a fun scene to read!
  14. I agree. This book felt very much like a video game. Hey Robert Jordan WOT franchise, how about a wheel of time video game. I would buy it!
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