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  1. I got the feeling that Sheriam was saying what has been known to happen, not what "always" happens. It came across to me as if Sheriam was saying Nynaeve got lucky that pass, but not to risk it again.
  2. Question: Why do Tinkers sic their dogs on attackers? I thought they abhored violence to the point they'd rather let you kill them than raise a hand in defense. They'd rather run away than fight. They even try to convert anyone and everyone they can to the Way of the Leaf. So why do they find it okay to let their dogs attack and potentially kill whoever/whatever is threatening them?
  3. I am one of the people that has always been critical of books 7-10. But even so, I've always criticized them for the lack of main story progression, never for a lack in the writing itself. I enjoyed the books, but always felt disappointed at the end that, while it was very enjoyable to read, very little got accomplished. From your description, it sounds like you will absolutely love the whole series, at least all of Jordan's books in it.
  4. You can add one more to Min's tally. She seems pretty much ideal to me. Birgitte is an interesting thought, but I think she might be just a little too much like "just one of the guys". While I thought about something silly like Sorilea or one of the oldest of the Kin, I admit that "Bela" never even crossed my mind until I saw the list above.
  5. More from Path of Daggers, page 318: "Somehow, such a pivotal moment should have been accompanied by fanfares of trumpets, or at the least, thunder in the sky. It was always that way in stories." I can't figure out what Jordan thought he was accomplishing with all of these types of comments. Did he think we're going to become confused and think this is fact, not fiction? Did he think it somehow makes his story more "real", more believable? I just don't get it.
  6. Has anyone else noticed Jordan's penchant for having his heroes comment about heroes in stories? I'm re-reading the series right now and am up to Path of Daggers. I won't swear it showed in the first couple of books, but I've been noticing at least once per book Jordan having one of the characters complain about something and compare it to what happens to "heroes in stories". For example, the following passage can be found on page 153 of the hardcover Path of Daggers: "Awkwardly they turned, hobbling and stumbling and groaning. It seemed quite ludicrous; heroes in stories never got h
  7. Definitely not. I'm in Path of Daggers now and Rand still has no idea of the viewing. In fact, I don't remember Rand EVER learning of that particular viewing, though it has been quite a while since I last read books 8-11, and I haven't yet read the Sanderson additions.
  8. Ah. That does clear it up. Min wasn't told about Aviendha by Elayne, but figured it out thanks to Rand. Got it. Thanks. :)
  9. That doesn't fit. When Aviendha arrives in Salidar and throws herself on Elayne's mercy, Elayne is relieved to discover that Aviendha is the third. There's good indication she didn't know before that point.
  10. Here's the general timeline as I see it... Min sees Rand first and has a viewing showing herself and 2 others in love with him. Elayne and Rand meet next. Elayne and Min come together in the White Tower and Min says something which gets Elayne thinking. Rand meets Aviendha last. Elayne and Min come together again in Salidar and Elayne gets the full story of the viewing from Min, though neither know who the third woman is yet. Min leaves Salidar for Caemlyn with the embassy to Rand. Aviendha arrives in Salidar after Min has already left and presents herself to Elayne (they first met in Tear
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