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  1. My favorite part of the book was The Last Battle. That chapter alone was a good fifth of the book, which is part of the reason why I enjoyed it so much. I thought it was an excellent idea to keep that battle as a whole instead of breaking it up into chapters. I also thought it was very well written. The pace of it started slowly, but the further along in the chapter, the quicker the scenes got. It really helped to portray the urgency and rapidity of the battle. That whole battle could have been written in a very borning, blow-by-blow kind of way, but instead it focused more on the emotions of the characters, which I think was the right way to go. Additionally, all the segments with Rand were kept short, while the scenes at the Pass were slightly longer and the ones at the Fields of Merrilor the longest, an excellent representation of time displacement effect The Bore had. Though a close second is Talmanes' PoV in the prologue!
  2. To me, the saddest moment was when Egwene died. I've seen and heard so much hate towards here over the years, but for some reason she was one of the few characters in the story that I resonated with. I will admit that in the last three books, she wasn't all that great, but I blame that on either Brandon Sanderson's lack of skill writing her character (nobody's perfect) or most likely, that three books wasn't enough to get Egwene where she needed to be in character development, so she was rushed. Honestly, I was shocked that she died. Even a little bit mad at first. For all the effort poured into her character to get her from an innkeeper's daughter to the most powerful figure in the world was emense. She dealt with being tortured a few times, she was constantly underestimated and treated like a child, but yet everwhere she went, she seemed to take positive ideas an incorporate them into her belief structure. She fundementally changed the way the Tower would be run in the Fourth Age (assuming her actions weren't immediately withdrawn). I think that was my problem with her death, though. She had so little time to cement her ideas into the Tower. I expected her to live a long time, enough to see the Tower return to glory after the devistation of the Seanchan attacks and the Last Battle. The already dwendling numbers of women channelers over the centuries got much, much smaller at the end. And yet, she just dies. In a blaze of glory, but she just dies. I kept hoping there would be a way to bring her back, though I suppose that was foolish thinking. I was sad to see her gone, even more sad for Rand to watch her thread wink out.
  3. Nakomi seems like a character BS put into the story because he thinks he's being very clever, but that nobody else really gets. Honestly, I feel whatever the real answer is will just seem random and out of place.
  4. So their souls could never be reborn to anything but a trolloc, but that still doesn't quite answer the question I had. I think it would be rather disturbing to find out they were the souls of normal people twisted and corrupted to suitable use in trollocs. It seems likely, since Aginor used living people to construct his monstrosities. It's not really an important question, but just one that stood out in my mind while reading aMoL. Oh, and thanks for the quote, Suttree.
  5. I've wondered for years if the Shadowspawn would cease to exist after the Last Battle was fought. They hinted at this in A Memory of Light, but they never said whether or not Shadowspawn still existed. They also touched on a great question as well, if trollocs have souls, then whose souls are they?
  6. Personally, I had a love/hate relationship with Androl character. I really liked the idea of the foil he played to White Tower's stance on turning away women who are too weak. He wasn't strong in the power, but he did have a rather handy talent, one that he could exploit to huge advantages. It was interesting to think about how many others similar to Androl had been turned away, denied the chance to find something that the excel at. His interaction with Pevara was interesting too. I liked the idea of a double bond, though it seemed a bit odd that it would provide telepathic-like communication. I think this style of communication was overused to the point that it became pathetic, but until then it entertaining. Androl was given too much to do though, he had too important of a role for my liking. It's been said before that he stole the spotlight a few times, and though I don't mind a character that out shines the others in particular instances, the fact that he, and not Logain, turned out to be the champion of the Black Tower annoyed me to no end. I think had Androl been given a smaller part to play, a less important one, and some of his duties shifted to Logain, not only would his character have been better, but the book would have as well. We could have seen Logain beaten down, then rising up to be the hero Min saw he would become, but instead his rise to glory was a simple paragraph near the end of the book. Most annoying about Androl, though, were his past lives. I thought he was much more of an interesting character when he was just a leatherworker, but adding experience after experience on top of him made him seem like a really bad fanfic character. He was a Swiss army knife, with every new tool you open being the exact one you need for that particular job. I liked the idea of him rallying the resistance to Taim, I liked the idea that he could smash his way passed the barrier of the dreamspike, and I liked the idea of him using a gateway to a stedding to capture some of the Turned Asha'man. I think had his role in the story been limited to that, he would have turned out a better character. Maybe add in the lava gateway, I loved that For the love of all that is good in this world, though, can we all agree to remove that epic facepalm scene where he cuts tea leaves and opens a gateway inside a jar of honey? I groaned so loud at that ridiculousness. Okay, Sanderson, I get it, now he's thinking with portals. I was honestly waiting for him to suck Trollocs through a gateway on the moon.
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