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  1. I voted for "Creator-Avator" but I also like the idea someone brought up about Nakomi being the previous Dragon to do what Rand did somehow still around (time travel, body trade, being super old, etc). I know Dragons are always male but that doesn't he can't be in a female body. Seems far-fetched still, but no more than the others =) What ties does Verin have to Aiel?
  2. I really didn't see Eg's death coming so it was one of the saddest for me. At that point I was fully prepped for main people to drop like flies so I think things could have been worse. Hopper's death earlier was rough, and I was getting ready to start bawling if he showed up with the horn-wolf heroes! Kind of glad he didn't, my Bf would have probably started laughing at me crying over a book. Worse than Eg's death, as others have said, was Rand's reaction, her voice in SG and as we'll Nynaeve at the end saying how she only wanted to protect her Two Rivers' peeps =..(
  3. Ah, at least that clarifies the Broken Wolf. I have a feeling Nakomi is like Tom Bombadil- an intentional mystery that will never be solved -_- unlike TomBom though there isn't much proof in the text to disprove some of the theories discussed. I'm off to re-read those dark prophecies!
  4. Hello, I don't think it had been discussed yet but what about Min's viewing of Nynaeve "Nynaeve kneeling over someone's corpse in a posture of grief." From TGS? I always thought Lan would bite it at the last battle and was confused when he didn't. But then again, I always thought Moiraine the White would return to kick ass after her fall with the balrog so... Could it be Alanna? Rand's corpse? Something else earlier?
  5. Chiad basically joking that Gaul is going to be speared by his own spear and then it happening! XD Aeil humour...
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