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  1. Seeing that the last few comments haven't had anything to do with Padan Fain shows how little his arc contributed to the overall story in the end. So much potential used so little
  2. Maybe the wrong topic to post in but what happen Valen Luca's never ending circus arc. In AMOL we read that Mat sees Petra entering Ebou Dar and thankfully we were relieve of any chapters concerning Luca well turned leg and cloak. But after spending some many hours reading about him kind would like to know if he died
  3. There were 3 topics BS was not allowed to speak about in TOR's interview. The first 1 was who/what Nakomi is. We'll probably find out more once the encyclopedia comes out. As for the choices in the poll you need to add "none of the above"
  4. Egwene released Leilwein of her bond when she gave her last orders before going out in a blaze of glory
  5. On top of what others have already said, Loial & the ogier finally showing us what they can do. Talames and the dragon's unleashing death through the gateways. Finialy holding the book in my hands, although the saddest was when I set it down.
  6. There were many moments in the book that choked me up. The worst was when I closed the book at the knowing that the wheel of time was at an end no more waiting, no more analyzing, and no more theories on how it will end. 17 years of dreaming. I guess it was our turn to wake from the dream
  7. For a series that prided itself on being painfully meticulous about every detail, there where way to many out of left field things thrown in right at the end. Starting with the red vieled aiel (epl of TOM), then quickly going to the town in the blight AMOL prol, followed by Murandy finally coming out of the closet, after that the Sharans stopping bye to say hi, Demandred, shaider haran being a pointless character build up (look at the husk and fade to black) and lastly why/how did Taim take just the seals when Rand had a few other trinkets stored with them. As a fan of the series for over 17 years I would have like some more explanation on things and now that Ive read AMOL I wish the series had gone to 16 not just 15 total books NS being included. I understand needing a few final gotcha moments and holding a few cards close till the end but to me there was way too many
  8. I started reading this series back in high school when I was 16. Im now 33. I've reread the series probably 4-5 times with my last run through these last few months leading up to AMoL. In the 17 years of reading this series I've been through a lot and grown as the characters have through the books. It feels like a huge chapter in my life just has closed. I know I can come revisit but there will never be the excitment of what may happen, how's everything going to work out, and whose going to do what. Plus as my family grows its going to be hard to dedicate the time to doing another reread. I feel like I graduated from school again and said goodbye to friends I know I will probably never really see again but will remember the fondly. Thank you RJ, BS and the admin members of the various WOT sites for everything you've done. A few side notes: I thought the overall book was great The sharans came out of left field, wish there was a little more follow through along with Demandred Egwene death caught me off guard as I believe she would have been the one to rebuild the world after Rand Padan Fain & Shaidar Harnan plot arc's were a disappointment
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