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  1. mini nectarines, and white peaches.....yummmm your herbs look happy!
  2. "...duty, heavier than a mountain" May the creative team rise to the expectation!
  3. when Rand and Matt were still lads from Two Rivers and traveled with Thom living rough, working the inns under Thom's mentorship learning to juggle, play harp and the pipe. I always wanted more of that....
  4. "That girl is a witch" "yeah, but she's our witch."
  5. Sagen7

    Ajah test

    Interesting test with changing results as RL experiences change me from who I was before to who I am currently.
  6. I'm trying to get through No Future by Paul Cornell ( a 7th Doctor story that has been easy to put down and forget about) I just started Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin since I've yet again put down No Future. I've never started a book that put me in a horse's perspective. I liked that.
  7. At a Library book sale I bought 7 books in the series "Wheel of Time" because of the covers....
  8. Thank you and I can't wait to put my paws on it:-)
  9. Mei Mei, BROWNcoats in the Wheelverse Shiny!
  10. Enjoyed the vid, realized I knew way too much about the show and then started memorizing the writers and the episodes they've written. (Classic and Re-boot) This is bad.......
  11. The profile picture was taken last year at Knossos in Crete. I had an amazing opportunity to spend a week in mainland Greece and the Peloponnese followed by 2 weeks in Crete. The archaeological site is from the Bronze age, and there is also a small area that the scholars believe might be from the Neolithic age. For a fun read before going to Crete or just a fun fast read try: "The King must Die' and then "The Bull from the Sea" by Mary Renault.
  12. Thanks it has been a while, time to revisit the earlier books. I'd have liked his story to have been flushed out along with the rest of the peoples of Two Rivers.
  13. Fan of 3 years. Fantastic storytelling...new to DM
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