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  1. a random stop at a library book sale. "Mommy this is a series" quarter a piece, I bought 8 and began..... I was swept away in the first paragraph of Eye.
  2. mini nectarines, and white peaches.....yummmm your herbs look happy!
  3. "...duty, heavier than a mountain" May the creative team rise to the expectation!
  4. ah, the Husbands of River Song......."you are so getting those roots done!"
  5. I started to collect kitchen sink water from hand, food, and dish washing. I've played with shower water collection. I've been rotating it around the yard. What I need to do is get an "environment friendly dish soap" I'm ready to re-read Dunn for their water collection systems!
  6. With a quick step to the side and an over, then under cut, the pie is sliced, plated and sent back. In the aft the forks are thrown and land in the center of the plated pie....yummmmm, time to sit under the oak and enjoy the homegrown, homemade fresh peach, plum and apple pie.
  7. While cleaning out the pantry for expired things I culled through my spices and ended up sprinkling the yard with cracked red pepper, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, clove, some bay and I haven't seen any bug damage anywhere on my tomatoes. I've made paperclip chains (4 clips per chain) and have attached them to unknown keys from days of yore, hanging them about the apple, peach, and plum tree's now that the fruit is really starting to grow. I'm testing to see if the reflected light will put off the birds and squires. I don't know how to post pictures or I'd share a few. Water rationing in SoCal so I can only irrigate twice a week before 8am, for 10 minutes. I've put a trick or treat witch's cauldron in the sink to catch my run off water while doing dishes etc. Then it's off to the garden I go. We are suppose to reduce water use by 32%. I'm thinking of bringing a bucket to the shower as well. Well that's my garden life these days.
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