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  1. I really liked Alivia's roll in Rands death because for the ENTIRE TIME we've been imagining all of these terrible ways that she would betray him or really bungle things at the wrong moment and in the end it just turned out she'd get him some money. HAH! Totally had us going! Sorry for mistrusting you the whole time Alivia!
  2. I dont have the books in front of me but in one of the last 3 i believe there is an excerpt of his speech at the beginning of the book, like before the prologue even. it is well written and at least there's something of it :)
  3. I was really upset to hear of Bashere and his wife's death! He was my favorite great captain by far. Bela of course *sniff sniff she was always so strong when she was needed! I wasnt as sad at Egwene's loss of life as for just the fact that she wouldnt be leading the tower to cohesive glory with the other channelers of the world. She's pretty much the only person who has had personal dealings with them all and could bring them together.
  4. Rand defeated the dark one! Even having snuffed himself of the Powers, must have been given some ultimate control of the Pattern in general. His whole world has become Tel'aran'rhiod.
  5. Did the Traveling People ever find their song?
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