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  1. This is exactly the conclusion I came to about Nakomi. The One Power is comprised of saidin and saidar, so it seems plausible that there is both a male and a female Champion of the Light. Seven ages ago it was saidar that was tainted (then cleansed), and Nakomi was the one to save the world. These two souls alternate every seven ages between the more active role of World Savior (being born and dying, channeling saidin or saidar, being tested and making sacrifices), and the more passive role of Caretaker (living and wandering through all seven ages, weaving the pattern, and ensuring the DO cannot attain ultimate victory). Rand is the CoL, it is his soul that is spun out time and again for that purpose and souls don't change gender. Hmmm... I notice that nothing here suggests that another Female soul can't be the Dragon's equal. In fact, given how central the issue of Balance is, I would have to thing there would have to be one such soul. Not called the Dragon, and not taking on his exact role, but doing her own thing that is just as important. There may be other Ages, and other fights, for which she is as central as the DR, for all we know. Read here, the Dragon Reborn is ALWAYS male because a soul can not change gender, but apparently there is a female equivalent that can be spun out if needed, but she isn't that DR and doesn't serve the same purpose.
  2. The Aiel Prophecy about how if they ever failed the Aes Sedai again they would slay them. It is mentioned throughout the books up until the Wise Ones take part in battle at The Wells, but if it prophecy then surely it has to be, so how is the prophecy fulfilled? Any ideas? Here's a quote from The Great Hunt ch 28
  3. Tom- I've often wondered this, myself. My own theory on it is that Moiraine (who we all know is an evil genius when it comes to cleverly out-manipulating others) actually used the Finn's game of wishes and such to kill Lanfear. It's also possible that Lanfear tried to channel too much and that/the Finns killed her for it. Remember- no channeling in Finnland. I agree with this and expand, I think the Finns had held her soul captive, and the DO took it from them, which is what caused a tear since he stole it from someone who already had it but it wasn't destroyed. (Mashadar) Which is why she is weaker in Cyndane from, although not a lot. Shaidar Haran (I think that is his name), the Myrdal that stands taller than others and can smile etc., came to collect Lanfear on request of the Dark Lord. Moraine claims that once she was woken but it was not her it was after, i.e. Shaidar was after Cyndane instead. I guess Myrdal have no trouble traveling to the Finn mirror world since they are slightly outside of time and between worlds or something, which is why they can travel in shadows too. He came and collected Lanfear and but she had been under the mercy of the Finn's so she had some of her power sapped which is why Cyndane is slightly weaker. The Dark Lord tortured her and slowly killed her as her punishment, then reincarnated Lanfear as Cyndane. I want to know what Lanfears three wishes were though? Do we have any idea?
  4. That seems too elaborate a story line for to not to be explained in the books. I don't discredit the notion of her being one of the original Aes Sedai though, as we know they are the only people to live long lives, so I thought that it might be one of them too. Do we know their names? Also there is something in the way Nakomi is quick to tell Aviendha she means no harm after Avi takes hold of the source, so possibly she can sense the true power?
  5. I would like to know about Sharina Melloy. I know she is just a powerful novice who is abnormal in the way of age etc. But what I am really puzzled over is her being mentioned in Nyneave's testing to become Accepted. There must be more to this - it couldn't have been mentioned and then just discarded, maybe it was to enlighten us to realize that what happens in the rings is more true that what the Ae'Sedai believe. I don't know. Anyone have any thoughts on the true nature of Sharina?
  6. Has anyone thought about Nakomi possibly being Sharina Melloy? I haven't got any proof on this yet, but her mannerisms seem to be similar and somehow Sharina managed to be in Nyneaves testing for Accepted so there is some possibility that she may have some powers we haven't been told about. I'm in the middle of trying to puzzle out Sharina's relevance but there is something strange about her storyline. Feel free to add to my interest in Sharina, i would love so added info on her.
  7. I didn't know the Dragon always had to be male... I mean I figured that it would always be Rands soul reincarnated but this triggers a thought! The major theme in WoT is the 2 half's of a whole, or balance, or good vs evil, or some form of this, i.e. Flame & Dragons fang, Saidin Saidar, and most recently; Egwene's death of balefire vs what ever it is she did. So heres a wild thought - What if Nakomi is the couter part The Dragon, now there really isn't any proof here except that for there to be a dragon there must be it's couter part. You could say it is Lanfear as she sees herself as this but even if it is not Nakomi I wonder who it is. Maybe Egwene?
  8. Does anyone have a theory on Nyneave seeing Sharina Melloy in her accepted testing because this has bugged me since it happened and it didn't get resolved in the books. In her testing it is Sharina Sedai but it seems likely it is the same person.
  9. Even RJ stated it's impossible. Elayne found a ter'angreal in the Kin's Store Room in Ebou Dar described as a Root-like carving. Wheel of Time Wiki says that it can 'grow' something if the right song is used to activate it, they also suggest that it is the talisman that is required to grow the Way Gates. I don't think this is accurate though, I don't remember the books ever say that it IS that Way Gate talisman so I think that this is a false suggestion on Wheel of Time Wiki's behalf - my reasoning is that there is another ter'angreal that was also found that I believe is the talisman. In Ebou Dar a Stone Carving was also found that when sung into holes can be 'grown', to me this sounds more likely to be the Way Gate ter'angreal. I believe the root-like carving might be a ter'angreal used to grow the Avendesora if the Tinkers and Ogier work together. I've thought this since Elayne and Avihenda dicovered it, and didn't understand why they didn't see the importance in it, but it could be as simple as the didn't realize or possibly that I'm wrong. Just a thought, but I think it has some merit because the Tinkers song should be able to be found again and the song they are after must be the one sung to grow Avendesora as they are descendants of the Jenn Aiel I think... or at least 'following the way of The Leaf' is a path that is derived from the Jenn.
  10. I want to know the entire Karaethon Cycle! All we have is a set of phrases and paragraphs, but no full prophecy of the dragon. I thought while I read and reread the series that it was mainly narrative retardation so that the readers wouldn't be able to puzzle out the ending properly, but I don't think there is a full version of the prophecy anywhere.
  11. I'm new to this so here goes, Egwene is easily my favorite character of all time - above any other story or film or whatever. You might find this a stretch but there is something about her will and determination that I admire. The story shows her development more than any other character's personality at she grows from a small town girl to a ruler, possibly the most powerful woman, and without being a prophesied character (I think). Anyway you've all read the book so I don't need to explain her to you. I am devastated that she is dead. I like the comment on the Jenn Aiel using the anti-balefire weave, maybe it isn't new! What I want to mention is how appropriate the way she died is. It kinda sums up the entire series: two halves of a whole, good vs. evil, white/back, male/female, saidin vs. saidar, aaaand White Tower vs. Black Tower - or Amyrlin vs. M'hael So why not Balefire vs. some couter weave? It does seem appropriate to me, and I agree it could have been written better, but I wish she didn't die at all. Same with Siuan. RIP EGWENE AL'VERE
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