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  1. Actually we know per RJ it was a "lucky thing" that LPD withheld the female AS's aid for that first sealing. The only difference had they been involved would have been Saidar tainted as well. Quite likely true, but it's possible that the result would have been a perfectly sealed bore, crazy channelers that change the world, die off, and leave a world with no channeling, since anyone showing the ability would be killed young. That could leave the world ready for a science-only based system. It might even happen quickly, since the crazy channelers would turn on each other, reducing the talented population quickly, making it easier for the regular people to finish off the rest using sheer force of numbers. Until the seal on the Bore weakens, and the Forsaken emerge with inexplicable and uncounterable powers. Sure, technology might be substantially more advanced if human kind hadn't had magic, but I don't think it would have been able to equal what the Forsaken can do. Also, depending on when the DO starts being able to offer the "no insanity" package to channelers the world could have been facing a lot of Dreadlords a lot earlier.
  2. Rhavin killed Mat and Aviendha at the end of book four (or maybe five, it's been a while) until Rand balefried him out of existence hard enough for them to be alive again ("I'm going to kill you so hard your last ten victims make miraculous recoveries."). That was probably the time that counted. As for Fain, I was so happy that he basically got ganked. Everything else was so dramatic and Wagnerian, but this hapless idjit just gets stabbed. The only way it would have made me happier would be if Mat had stabbed him mid-monologue.
  3. 1) The imprisoned DO still exists, thus the potential for evil still exists in humankind, hence freedom to choose. The Bore allowed the DO to touch the world directly, obviating human agency. Also, I remember some speculation that Lanfear was already on the DO's side before she opened the Bore. She could sense the DO, so there was some exchange between the prison and the pattern, but not (presumably) an unmediated one. 2) Again, no choice. A truly perfect world would be one where people have the option to choose evil but always choose good. I must say that the metaphysics of the WoT universe are pretty unnerving. Basically, in the absence of external forces, human beings are amoral sock-puppets. Once I read the happy puppets future I realized Rand wouldn't kill the DO, but I kind of hoped he'd make it a point to hurt Shai'tan bad enough that the next time Mieren drills her metaphysical peep hole the DO will pretend to be out.
  4. One does wonder if that Dark One will ever see the error of his ways and stop recruiting arrogant, self obsessed non-joiners. Maybe drop the power requirements a bit and recruit a team that doesn't dissolve into a circular firing squad the instant it has the chance?
  5. This actually made me tear up. I'm a sucker for last-minute rescues from hopeless situations. This one was even better than the "there's people attacking the Trollocs" bit in book 4. I would almost put Lan killing Demandred up here, if only he hadn't been so wordy. "I did not come here to win, I came here to kill you." is perfect. Tagging it with "Death is lighter than a feather" (we know already, we are familiar with this saying) kind of spoiled it.
  6. I doubt it, but it is possible. The training she is about to go through will change her and probably remove any thoughts of being great from her mind. Further her sul'daam may force her to reveal all her secrets and teach them to all the others, which eventually will make her powers no better than anyone else. I also think that without the dark one and the true power available her ability to be powerful will be greatly diminished. She won't be able to find as many dark friends to join her as there is no great lord promising reward, only Mogheidin a member of the forsaken who as a group were defeated is just not that tempting anymore. If anything the finale here with her thinking about how she was going to be so grand with her plans simply ending by having an adam snapped around her neck just shows how weak she really is in this new age. The fact that the Seanchan have Mogheidin is damned scary. She was collared at Saliadar for several months at least and only escaped with the help of another Forsaken. We know Mog isn't half as hard as she thinks she is, the probability that she'll break and give the utterly disgusting Seanchan tremendously powerful knowledge kind of casts a shadow over the book's near future. It's also disappointing (to me anyway) that Nynaeve didn't spot Mogheiden first and boot her around the place once more for old time's sake. Nynaeve's combination of excitability, unearned self regard, complete lack of self knowledge, courage, and essential goodness made her a charming character, I wish we'd seen more of her in this book.
  7. I kind of loved that Fain went out like a little bitch. After all, Shadar Logoth was destroyed basically as an afterthought, they needed to drop all that taint somewhere, right? If only Fain had been mid-monologue when he got ganked, it would have been perfect.
  8. I think the word you're looking for is "stupid." To expand, "pointlessly, hopelessly, unimaginably stupid." What does she (know (or think she knows)? 1) It's never too late to turn back to the Light. 2) The Dark One has just about had it. 3) The only person who really knows anything about her (Rand) is about to die. 4) Once Rand is dead she will be the only person alive with knowledge of the Age of Legends. Is there any imaginable reason for her not to pitch in, get lauded as a hero, and then go patent shock lances and air cars? Or go save some doomed regiment or something as step one of a needlessly complicated plan to rule the world? Or really do anything other than try to convince one of Rand's closest companions to turn on him? Ugh. I get that the Forsaken have to be monumentally stupid, otherwise it isn't much of a story, but come on.
  9. THIS. The band (less Red Hand and more Led Zeppelin) managed to get back together for one brief moment, it would have been nice to see them reminisce a little. I've always liked the original set of characters and found their relationships interesting, I would have enjoyed seeing them catch up. This wasn't just the end of a book, it was the end of an institution. I'm pretty sure most people approached it with mixed feelings of anticipation and trepidation, knowing that this was the last that they'd see of characters they had grown to know and love over the course of decades. It would have been a perfect opportunity for the characters in the book to mirror that feeling, knowing that it was going to be the last time they'd see each other. Pity it didn't turn out that way.
  10. I think it was the extraneous PoV characters that bothered me. I didn't mind the expanding cast, just the way it took the focus off the characters I enjoy (hint, if you didn't make it in by TEotW you're probably not on that list) interacting with each other. Jordan's writing didn't get bad, but he chose to write about subjects that weren't holding my interest.
  11. I think the reason I liked the Sanderson books is because Jordan had already lost me. IMO the books started to really meander and drag around six or seven, and by nine I was just done. Then, a friend of mine who stuck with it told me that BS was finishing the series and his exact words were "things happen again." If anything AMoL is my least favorite of Sanderson's three because he starts in with the inconclusive battles (Perrin/Slayer) and characters I have to look up (Androl, Talmanes). I'd have given up half of the Last Battle and all of Talmanes and Androl for a couple good conversations between, for instance, Rand and Moiraine. I also wish that, instead of having her taken by the Seanchan, Nynaeve had spotted Mogheiden and kicked her around the room for old times' sake.
  12. Fair enough, yeah. I just thought it was a bit weird, given that (I thought) he was quite certain Gawyn and Galad at least weren't LTT even before they started fighting. In my head at least, the 'proper' Demandred response would be - 'You are not Lews Therin, so I don't care who you are.' *balefire* Well in Galad's case it wouldn't have worked 'cause of the amulet. The fight with Gawyn seemed more like Demandred taking some R&R; blasting the landscape and shouting has to take it out of you. Still, I agree that it's silly to put together a massive army then have that army ignore threats to you. That sort of high-handed arrogance is a little cliche, and would have been more tolerable if every single one of the Forsaken wasn't susceptible to it. I guess they didn't have the Evil Overlord list in the Age of Legends either.
  13. Wasn't the entire reason that Demandred went Dark to prove that he was better than LTT at something? I thought he kept fighting people on their terms on the off chance that one of them was LTT in disguise, and by killing them he would finally prove his superiority. Apparently “living well is the best revenge” was not a saying any male Forsaken has ever heard. Or even “drinking wine from the skull of your enemy, regardless of who killed him or how, is the best revenge.”
  14. First, an admission: last minute “out of nowhere” rescues always get me. I literally teared up when Lan and the Malkieri got rescued at the beginning of the book. I’m not ashamed. Much. That said, the Last Battle as fought by Mat would have been a lot more interesting to read if I didn’t already know how it was going to go. Not overall, I didn’t think “The Dark One wins, everyone dies” was really in the cards, but did we need to know ahead of time that Mat had transported the Dragons underground or that the Seanchan storming off in a snit was only a ploy? I guess what I’m saying is that BS needed to manipulate my emotions more effectively.. Also, there are better ways to prove how dangerous Demandred is than having him kill my least favorite character, cut the arm from another one I hate, and then pound poor Logain into the ground like a tent stake. Not that I didn’t love “"You didn't listen to me, I did not come here to win, I came here to kill you. Death is lighter than a feather." (It’d be nice if he had left off the last bit, “I came here to kill you” is the punch line, no need to tag it.)
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