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  1. Of course they knew, but shouldn't they have put up a show of some sort? but this is off topic, we are discussing why Mat and Perrin weren't there..or maybe they were but are not mentioned?..I don't know it's a bit strange for Perrin at least.
  2. I know I'll probably raise hell with this replay but I actually like the seanchan. No, I don't like slavery, I think it's wrong and should stop, I just wish it would stop in seanchan as natural cultural progress and not through outside influence or bringing the whole empire down, they are lovely people after all! There are few points I want to discuss that I saw mentioned in this topic, first, the agreement between Tuon and Egwene , it didn't happen, Egwene lost her cool and channeled in Toun's presence ruining the whole thing! it was one of the few instances I rooted for a character I hate ag
  3. Yeah I felt a bit bad when Mat (and I think Perrin too) did not show up for the funeral, since the three Rand girlfriends' reaction was horrible it would have been nice to see his friends' reactions, but I'm not complaining, sometimes it's a good thing to let readers use their imagination.
  4. well let me answer you in Nynaeve words: "Yes, he drinks and gambles far too much. But don't speak of him as if you know him, because you don't. His heart is golden, under it all."
  5. I had to vote for memory of light, not only was it cool, the waiting made it extra special for me, here is my list: 1. AMOL 2.KOD 3.TGS 4.TSR 5.TDR 6.TFoH 7.ToM 8.TGH 9.TEoTW 10.COS 11.WH 12.TEoTW 13.COT 14.POD I don't know why, but I feel like my ranking is so different than others, mostly because I'm one of the few readers who didn't like the first two books and then magically started loving the series. Yay for persistence ! BTW, I only read the series once so it's very possible my ranking would change in the second read.
  6. Here,now! I don't think Brandon's Tuon is worse than Jordan's, if you read her POV in the gathering storm, it's actually quite close...It's Tuon the Empress that is worse than Tuon the DoNM, very understandable really, Negative character development is still development, I mean Rand almost turned to the dark side in the gathering storm, and Tuon became worse due to her heavy duty as empress, hopefully she will get better with time even if we don't get to see it. But honestly, lets assume Brandon had made her all sweet and cuddly, would her last scene make sense? when she told Mat she can k
  7. Excuse me, but this is fantasy, we have people who can travel and horizontal gateways that look over the field! I don't think it's fair to compare it to battles in our world.
  8. saidin doesn't work on Mat either, the only example we have of this is Halima(or Aran'gar) using it on him when he was in salidar.
  9. Actually the whole Natrim's Barrow thing was based on using balefire which will undo anything a person has done including compulsion, it is not the same as normal death.
  10. let's see...I think Grady was responsible for opening the gateway for them, he probably went to Merrilor with Perrin , so he wasn't there for the battle of Caemlyn, and it explains how Moiriane made it there, but it doesn't explain about Mat, perhaps when he got there Grady told him about the meeting between Rand and Egwene , Mat's first reaction was to flee so he asked Grady to open him a gateway near Ebuo dar...I know, there are major holes with this theory but it's the one I'm going with. As for the discussion of Mat Vs Demandred, I'll refer you to a conversation Mat had with Elayne, he
  11. Brandon Sanderson had another character attached to his hat in one of his books, maybe there is a connection there somewhere.
  12. you know, Min's viewings are always about the future, and not all of them happened( for example most of her viewings in the last book), and as we can see if a white lily means assassination attempt, then it is possible that the red eagle refers to something that is yet to come and has nothing to do with Manatheren. I don't 100% believe it myself, but I thought it's worth pointing it out. so he told Moiraine ,but he did sound suspicious.
  13. Few pages back someone brought up Hawkwing talk with Tuon, which is by the way one of the thing I'd pay to read, but it occurred to me that Hawkwing can't simply tell her to stop leashing Chanelers because she will immediately assume it's a trick by one of the Aes sedai, honestly, I'd think that myself.
  14. I think my favorite moment or plotline was the fall of the great captions and Mat taking command, it was done in a very convincing climatic way and made both Graendal and Mat look awesome! and it was scary when we first think that the great captions are indeed darkfriends I loved the way Lanfear died, specifically how Perrin overcame compulsion using his knowledge in the dream world and how compulsion is just another weave aside from that, I love pretty much all the things mentioned before, and how Hinderstrap played a role in the end
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