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  1. I sincerely hope you receive your order. I have gone through a similar fiasco with Books A Million. My situation has not turned out well. At first I was told similar things, but as I worked up the food chain to the executive level, the story changed for the worse. Since I believe they will eventually credit the payment back, the situation boiled down to a short term loan to Books A Million with zero interest.
  2. At this point no money has been refunded by BAM according to current bank records. Legal action for chattel of such low value is not a sound financial choice. I should say, it not worth sueing anyone over a book. However, this is not the first time the release of a limited number of books for this series has taken place. Matter of fact, book sellers have probably had more experiance with limited printings for this series than any other series. Many different offers for compensation could have been made. In my professional buisiness, when the customer is not happy, I have to fix the
  3. ello everybody, I have lurked this place for years. I posted a thread in the general discussion. My future post will not be as long winded and will be a lot more fun, I promise. Traijin
  4. I have seen a few posts around the web regarding poor businees practice and the overselling of the WOT specialty leatherbound editions. I would like to have the opportunity to have my story told. My girlfriend preordered the book from Books-A-Million as a Christmas present for me. The transaction was paid for and the book was never delivered. I entered into a public email conversation with a Customer Representative from BAM. The company has completely failed to assist or compensate for their utter lack of order organization or coordination. I have never been treated so poorly by a com
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