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  1. This is a great post. No idea if you're correct or not, but great ideas. As another pointed out, Moridin was the one who said that Rand merely listened to heartbeats. Might be true, might not be true. I actually much prefer the idea that he already knew and bluffed everyone into thinking that he had a new power. It fits with the fact that he secretly uses the fat man to make himself seem more powerful to (1) provide hope to the Light and (2) cast fear into the Shadow. Rand was disappointed when it turned out to be Weriamon, so it wasn't something he was expecting. Considering how Rand had hoped Werimon would ride off in a charge and get himself killed I am not sure why he should be disappointed Weiramon was a DF. It is true that Rand seemed disappointed that Weiramon was the DF, but it is obvious he knew there was a Darkfriend. I think Verin's letter said there are/is Darkfriend(s) amongst the High Lords of Tear, but she didn't know who. Like how Talene of the Black Ajah thought Elaida was Black also, but only because of the information the Black ahd access to. The same could be true for Tear. Verin knew a High Lord was a DF, but she didn't know which one. So she told Rand to line them up and glare at them each in turn until they out themselves.
  2. Was that what Mierin needed him for? My interpretation was that she could attack from TAR because the distance between TAR and the real world was really thin inside the cave, just like how Perrin yelled to Nynaeve. Did Mierin need him to shift her to the real world?
  3. Rand some how learned the ability to out DF's. remember neither of them could look Rand and in maradon he caused them to kill themselves. So I am guessing it was more then just listening to their heart beats. I agree that it was more than just listening to heartbeats, but I'm not convinced he can sense darkfriends or some such. Otherwise he would have noticed Fera Harkin (or whatever her last name was) in Shayol Ghul. I was surprised she never came up as important, though I guess Verin Compelled her to not be a nuisance to the Light side. I remember noting her when she was first outed by Elza Penfell and wondering what she would end up doing. Then at one point all the channelers in Aviendha's group in Shayol Ghul split into 3 linked circles, and one was led by Fera, so I was like "OH SH*T, BLACK AJAH SABOTAGE!" but nothing ever came of it...that was kind of disappointing as well. I digress... While I can't really explain the Maradon suicides (Rand obviously caused some sort of pain to the Darkfriends watching him channel, but I don't know how), and Weiramon definitely had physical dificulty looknig at Rand, he wasn't unable to. I'm just not sure what actually happened to Rand and what effect he appears to have on Darkfriends. All I'm sure of is that Moridin has no idea either.
  4. In AMoL, Moridin speculated to Rand in his dreamshard that this was what Rand had done, but Rand just stands there silently staring at Moridin, so we don't know if this is what happened or if they were given away by Verin. I prefer to believe the latter. Moridin is free to believe as he chooses. And as for the warder bond release, most Aes Sedai know the weave. It is implied Egwene knows the weave to pass the bond, and she release Leilwins bond so she knows that as well. Pevara offers to release Androl if he releases her, but it is actually Androl who doesn't know how to release the Asha'man bond. I suspect releasing the bond is relatively simple and similar to forming the bond in the first place (though not instantly intuitive otherwise Androl could have figured it out). I believe it is a commonly known weave to Aes Sedai.
  5. Something I noticed when Alanna disappeared pre-AMoL release... When she disappears, Rand is in Tear and notes she is up north, somewhere in Arafel he guesses (I'm fairly certain). I then drew a straight line from Tear to Kandor on the map and extrapolated. Further along the line, what do you know, is Shayol Ghul. This was back in book 12 if I recalled correctly, and I had no idea where Alanna would end up, but it is interesting to remember my own speculations. The way Alanna left, with the postage from Verin's letter left, implies that she read the note and left, so teh idea of her being kidnapped at that exact moment doesn't sit well with me, but if she were warned against being used to hurt Rand, I feel like she wouldn't run off where she couldn't be protected and watched by a bunch of other Aes Sedai. I don't know what really happened, but maybe she went straight to Shayol Ghul at a summons from one of the Chosen (Moridin most likely). While Min did in fact have a viewing saying Alanna would server Rand in her own way (not that he should trust her explicitly), this leaves much to interpretation as Min's viewings rarely give the whole picture. It certainly doesn't eliminate the possibility of her being a Darkfriend, though it certainly disfavors the theory.
  6. I don't really know what was in Verin's letter to Galad, but I have speculations on the other two. Letter to Rand: Tells Rand about the Darkfriends among the High Lords of Tear (Weiramon and Anaiyella). I know everyone loves to think Rand can magically see Darkfriends (as per what happened in Maradon with Bashere's cousin gouging his eyes out and the wife jumping from the windows), and I thought that too, but my friend speculated this to me and I tend to agree. The letter may also have had something to do with his proposed Dragon's Peace, or the little fat man angreal. But telling Rand about the Darkfriends (which she could have rooted out herself instead of just magically knowing about) near him makes the most sense. Letter to Alanna: I honestly think Alanna was a Darkfriend. Verin told Perrin explicitly not to trust her. I know she helped Rand with the Tairen rebellion in book 10 or 11, but she could be an agent of the shadow. Verin's letter could have told her that Verin knew she was a Darkfriend and explained what Verin did to sacrifice herself. That may have spurred Alanna to likewise let go of the bond to help protect Rand and the world in her final moments in hope of redemption. It was constantly shown that Darkfriends aren't the most loyal to the Dark One, they are simply terrified of him and his torturous methods (case in point: Moridin's resurrection). As for Galad, I have no idea at all. Ideas? Thoughts on my speculations?
  7. I noticed a suspicious lack of the one scene that actually made me cry: Androl pleading to Logain to protect the innocents after Moghedien ordered a fist of Trollocs to attack those looking for wounded. Androl's pleading while Logain struggled between wanting to be feared and doing what was right, was honestly the most touching and heart wrenching moments of the book. I cried and had to put the book down. Actually, a lot of the Androl scenes made me tear up. I'm so glad he became a big character in the end. He was one of my favorites. Another moment I was shocked stupid was when Perrin looked down to see Mat struck by Mashadar. I stopped dead and screamed "NO NO NO NO NO NO NOT NOW!" I was so relieved once Shaisam's POV came up and it was clear that Mat was going to kill him. But for a moment there I definitely almost cried. The Galad and Gawyn's last moment scene was another big one. Galad's POV there was so touching. Losing a brother struck home for me, especially because I have a brother, but I'm sure others were as touched too. And Tam lighting the bonfire (though mentioned dozens of times already) was a real tear jerker, as well as Loial's final quote "...and like the wind he was gone"
  8. Hello WOT fans! I only started the Wheel of Time last May, but have since read through the entire series and gone back and reread starting from book 9 to prep for A Memory of Light. I read AMoL in three days and am furious that my friends haven't finished reading it yet, so I thought I'd join you guys to speculate on the things that need speculation and to rave about how amazing the series was.
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