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  1. I tend to agree. The "obvious" answer is only the one which fits what we expect to happen but we have no real basis other than that. Imo that last can quite easily be Egwene with her dreaming abilities, or even Elaida, who iirc has the fortelling gift. The Lion's sword I would have thought would be Birgitte. She is Elayne's Warder and has taken (somewhat unexpectedly) to using a sword instead of her bow recently.
  2. You can still set off a bomb on your metaphorical train though. That'd have an effect on the closed system.
  3. She was the ninja. With two tanto knives And giant giant... Attitude :lol:
  4. My 2 favourite characters are Taki (speed) and Cervantes (power and evilness) Once i get a combo up and running with the big pirate nothing can stand in my way :twisted:
  5. You're really not getting this whole balance thing are you. Wrong. The Darks aim is to break the wheel. The Lights aim is to prevent this. End of. It says it clear as day in the books. If the wheel breaks, the thread unwravels and the world (and all worlds and all time) ends So to echo a popular phrase around here today. I give up!
  6. If the cycles of the ages are broken then the world ends. That is what the dark one is trying to do. Whose side are you on, Thor? :lol:
  7. That could be implied by it, but I take it as a clue that the Creator will become directly involved in that last battle. Nowhere does it say that the seal will not be perfect this time around. That is merely Fel's assumption but from the readers perscpective we can see that he doesn't have the full story. He is just saying he doesn't think the Dragon Reborn can do what it the Creator did last time. And a lot of people here agree.
  8. The Shaido are done. It makes it almost as clear as day in KoD. I suppose there's still room for them to play smoe role in TG but I doubt it.
  9. I hope that the final book sees the prison made perfect again. It seems odd that the final, perfect solution to the DO would not be covered in the course of the books. It'd be like we were watching a small episode in the course of the wheel. I wanna see the main show.
  10. In a powercut. When you've left your technology at home. When the technology costs money but you've got the talent for free. When you want to talk to a wolf (not sure what you can buy to let you do that) But most of all. Nobody chooses this talent off the shelf. It's not a question of choosing to have it. It is (In RJ's words)"something recently returned to the Pattern after Ages of absence" The fact that we have technology doesn't change the fact that some of us can roll our tongue and some can't. It's just something you are born with. Even if it is pretty useless.
  11. Just because we have cars doesn't mean we never walk anywhere. There's no reason why the two can't live side by side quite happily.
  12. I like your ideas, Foxy_sox, but I don't think Rand is the creator in any way, shape or form. It is possible that this idea of the creator stepping in sheds some light on the mysterious voice at the climax of TEOTW. When a voice in capitals speaks to Rand ("Not here, this is not the place" or something like that) This is the only time he hears a voice like this and the only other character who speaks in capitals like this is the DO. So it seems to me that it must be either the DO or the Creator who spoke. Since the DO can only speak directly to the Forsaken if they go to Shayol Ghul it
  13. I said it elsewhere and I'll say it again no doubt. Imo the bore will not be resealed. The entire prison will be remade as new. Like it was before it was bored the first time around. If all ages are to come again they have to get back to this stage at some point. it'd be a bit shit if it's left to our imagination and not told within the span of the books.
  14. It says it time and again in all the books. The dark one has been free before. He cannot be defeated. Destroying the DO would be as catastrophic as if he won (it's all about balance, people) But he can be contained and imprisoned. He was imprisoned, then the bore broke him free. then they sealed the bore, and now he is breaking free again. Personally I think that Rand et al will not just reseal the bore, but completely restore the DOs prison. This fits with the wheel of time idea (It was complete in the past, so it must be complete again) and would pave the way for the Fourth Ag
  15. OK I actually got my copy of EotW out for this one. Seems I remembered it wrong. It was like you say. Logain was Regal and dangerous. Not raving. I'll get me coat :oops:
  16. Looks like i'm challenging conventional wisdom again already so I'd best get my flameproof suit out. I'm not sure this is 100% correct. When Rand saw Logain in EotW he was completely bonkers. Proper mad with no holds barred. Then once he was gentled he was pretty much normal again, if a touch depressed. Hence the name "gentling". At no point since then has he shown signs of being that mad. Even once he was Healed. Now I agree with the idea that when Rand cleansed the source it didn't return all the men to normal. Whatever level of madness they had reached at that time is where they
  17. I'm currently wracking my brain trying to think of any way to discount the POV evidence but coming up blank. Maybe Cyndane is a crazy person who thinks she is Lanfear (clutching at straws much :D) I'd dearly love Lanfear to be still alive because she was cool, but I guess that realistically her plot purpose has been served. She was there to tempt Rand to the dark one and failed totally. To have her turn up and try again would be retreading old ground and there is too much new stuff to get through in the final book to start doing that. Shame really.
  18. Why? I don't get it. I was asking questions to which I have now been given answers. What I also got for free was a whole bunch of attitude. nice welcome chaps :roll: I have no idea why this is the "most rediculous arguement ever seen". I've seen a lot wierder and don't think this kind of response is warranted. get some perspective peeps please.
  19. Or so it would seem :lol: Cheers for the quotes. Those are the bits I coudn't remember. I still don't like the "healed by a woman" thing. It's cheesy as hell.
  20. Cheers for the input :) Lots of people knew Lews Therin in the AOL Again, not proof Admittedly quite damming evidence. I'll have to do some re-reading personally this explanation doesn't wash with me. There are too many provisos and ifs and buts. I'm sure there's gonna be an axplanation but I sure hope it's better than the "healed by a woman" theory that's going around. Any more thoughts. I'm not looking to be argumentative. I just love playing devil's advocate (usually gets me in trouble :lol:)
  21. Interesting thought. Iirc the chapter before the trolloc attack in KoD is the only time we have had a Loial POV. Can anyone remember if he says or does anything apart from about Elder Haran and his marriage and his Mother? It is possible that this is put in to mislead us. Because the POV of darkfriends has always given them away, but if there was nothing in it to bring the subject to mind then it might not have been mentioned. Most DFs think of little else than their plans and missions but an Ogier might be different. BTW I don't really have any beleif that Loial is a DF
  22. Hi. First discussion post so please bear with me :D I hope I'm not retreading too much old ground but I did a quick search and didn't throw up anything. I think that Cyndane is a red herring and that she is not Lanfear. My reasons are many. 1. Iirc there has been no direct confirmation of this link 2. The difference in their strength doesn't ring true to me. It has been suggested that the reduction of her power (if lanfear is Cyndane) was as a punishment for betraying the Dark One with her plans to overthrow him (along with the mindtrap that Moridin holds). But Asmodean died th
  23. Hi. Just registered here and thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Paul. I live in Sussex and I spend most of my time on performance car forums but I've been a fan of WoT since about 1992 and thought it was about time I put some of my ideas/question to those who make my fandom look like "casual reader" status. In fact i mainly registered to ask one question about Lanfear/Cyndane so we'll see how quickly I can get hooked on posting :lol:
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