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  1. Only the Miadens and the Brotherless went to Shayol Guyl, as mentioned in the text several times, that's why Rhuarc resigned as clan chief in order to go there, plus, all the rest of the clan chiefs were dead at Merillor and I don't think they would have lef ttheior armies to go somewhere without them, so the "all Aiel went to Shayol Gul" has no foundation in reality. 200 to 500k Aiel went missing. Thanks Brandon.
  2. @ Monkeyfister Agreed with everything. @balefired-ed2 "Instead of any sort of feelings of excitement or desperation at the battles, I felt only boredom." Agreed once again. Let me tell you my biggest issue with the Last Battle. It is not any of the following, although they are all legitimate and extremely annoying: - Army numbers and strength off by a large margin - Channeler numbers and strength off by a large margin - Stupid tactics - Seanchan lowered to a regular army power level despite being a lot better than anyone in Randland (except Aiel) - insignificant and small units like the Mayen Guards or the Two River bowmen given much more spotlight, mention and ability. When did the Mayners turn into superheroes and since when are 500 people more important to the battle than 5000 or 50 000? Realistically they cannot do anything. The Legion of the Dragon, Wolfguard and regular army are much more capable due to their numbers. The Mayeners are not channelers or super soldiers and couldn't have had as alrge an impact as was implied. - Lack of destruction, no one south of Andor even knew or felt the Last Battle, except a month of bad weather. Where is the destruction we saw in the Age of Legends flashbacks? The Forsaken, shadowpsan and darkfriends were pathetic. - Shara way underpowered for a continent sized nation that is supposed to breed channelers. - Lack of death of characters. The Last Battle leaves all the main and most of the side characters alive. One Egwene doesn't suffice. - etc., etc., etc. BUT THOSE ARE NOT WHAT BOTHERS ME THE MOST. The biggest, most appaling and downright criminal mistake Sanderson made was to ignore the Aiel. The Aiel forces that we know of would be able to SOLO the number of shadowspan we saw at the last battle. The clans that came from the Waste would have been able to march to Shayol Gul while laughing and telling jokes and kill a couple of million shadowspan on the side as a distraction on the way. Yes, they were hyped up for a dozen books, but there is a reason for that. Why make them the best soldiers and then not use them? Maybe Sanderson realized he would have needed ridiculous amounts of shadowspan in order to threaten the Aiel? Anyway, nerfing them was a bad decision. He turned the most powerful force into another Andoran or Gheladanin squad. Exremely disappointing. Please, do not point me about the Aiel who fell to the Belakness as a reason for the nerf. Their numbers were not that great. Also, only the Miadens and the Brotherless went to Shayol Guyl, as mentioned in the text several times, that's why Rhuarc resigned as clan chief in order to go there and the rest of the clan chiefs were dead on Merillor, so the "all Aiel went to Shayol Gul" has no foundation in reality. Where are my 250 000 to 500 000 invincible Aiel Sanderson? I could have accepted everything else in the books, but not this. This is an insult.
  3. You know what's interesting, I have been reading WoT for 15 years and I have spent countless hours lurking this and other forums, but this topic made me register for the first time. I love the Wheel of Time. I have suffered, laughed and bled with the characters along the way. Hear me now. The decision about the e-book is not only short sighted, but insulting. Dear Harriet, I understand and appreciate your reasons, but lets review them in detail (note that quotes are not exact and may be re-phrased due to author being lazy :): 1. "the e-book will hurt sales and prevent the book reaching #1 in the NYT list" Wrong. Even a 10th of the fans that have bought it would be enough for that NYT spot. Disregarding that NYT includes e-books in their rankings (albeit sometimes it's messy), most, and I'm talking 90%+ of the people that bought the e-book would buy the hardback as well. Why you ask? Because we already have the other 13 books and would be downright stupid no to finish the collection. On the other hand, people that have not bought the first 13 books will have no incntive to do so now and have a single book in their library (and no, you won't force them to buy the whole series this way). I would have bought both the hardback for my collection and the e-book for ease of reading. Hauling that brick around is not convenient. Which leads me to... 2. "e-books are not the proper way to read" I am very sorry, but this borders on extreme prejudice and self-importance. Who are you to decide what's right for everyone else? Please, feel ffree to read the way you want - a hardback, papyrus, goat skin with charcoal, etc. that is none of my business, but the reverse applies as well. You cannot force anyone to abide by your prefered way of reading and you don't have the authority to decide what is the correct way for anyone, but yourself. And lastly... 3, "pirates!" Hehe. Considering it took less than 24 hours for a properly formatted epub to pop up on the web (not to mention the scanned pdf before that), I cannot see how this curbs pirating. If anything, it encourages it. People that cannot read it any other way than an e-book: - foreigners (more on this below) - people with disabilities (weak arms/hands/muscles or poor eyes) - people that cannot afford the hardback price (self-explanatory) - people that go "green" and don't want to kill the trees (I find that laughable, but it's their choice, I accept and respect it) I'll use myself as an example: I was perfectly willing to pay the full hardback price for an e-book on release day, but I was overcome with suprise and subsequently rage at the decision not to publish it. I live outside the US and UK, English is my third language. I cannot afford to ship the book here, because it will cost me a fortune, I cannot wait for a translation, because it will be available in summer, in my country, and I have been reading the books in English anyway. So I have two choices: 1. Wait three more months while everyone else reads it and spoils it for me thus killing any satisfaction after patiently waiting for 15 years for the outcome of the story. 2. Pirate it. Which one do you think I chose? I promptly downloaded it, read it and called it a day. Is it my fault? I don't think so. You made me do it, your poor marketing strategy and meieval understanding of technology. You forced me to pirate it and lost the money I would have given gladly and happily to you. I apologize to Mr. Sanderson for this, for using his work without proper payment, but I don't feel bad. I even feel justified, because the one tainting the final book and Mr. Jordan's legacy is you Harriet. I hope Tor sees the light and never lets such absurd decisions rule their publishing policy in the future.
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