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  1. Ok, that is the one scene I would have liked from the Trolloc perspective- Thog had the head of a wolf, which was aweful because he could smell the fear of the thousands of trollocs lined up from the entrance to the ways in the Blght to Camelyn. Thog had been waiting for what felt like days, and after eating the trolloc in front of him, he was growing bored again. Thog could only poop off the sides of the ways so many times before it got boring, even if he was pooping right onto some other trolloc closer to the exit." I would imagine that only a few fades could have secured the basement, and a pack of fades in front to keep the streets clear and a few in the back to harry the trollocs out would work- though you'd have to be feeding them through during the whole battle. Even assuming a thousand Trollocs, running they could get 100 in the streets by the time word got anywhere. And with darkfriends already in place to keep the alarm down even if for a few minutes would make it hard to get word out in time. It's a Zerg rush with a few banelings to pop the defenses then let your zerglings run free. Also if there was 2 guards that were darkfriends at the waygate, who is to say there wasn't 4 at some times? They could have been bringing in Trollocs and fades into the city, stashing them in darkfriends' basements for months. I mean, it's not like the captain of the guard was ever a darkfriend or anything so that's just silly right? * edited out giant quote
  2. But he wasn't the only one in his huge circle- if he was really in a full circle to begin with. We know the AS side of the fight was all OP v OP, with group of casters going at eachother. It could be the rod he carried and his own immense power made it seem like he had a full circle to those who never felt the power of a full circle. Remember that rod with the cup was suppose to be more powerful then anything other then the Chodan Kai.
  3. ah thanks! But Rand probably knew them via LTT or Asmo's teachings. I don't imagine the wards were well known in the Third age then- and who is to say that Demandred wasn't using them to keep track of the enemy channelers durring the battle? We know Mat had the gateways high up in the air and Demo was tracking via the TP to control birds, but why not use a ward to keep an eye on the far side of the battlefield? Mat wasn't fighting for most of the Last Battle, giving him the ability to lead the forces of the Light. Demandred was fighting part of the time- he has three duels and seems to spend a lot of time acting as heavy artillery against the Andorian forces. If he had to watch that side of the battlefield with his birds- why not keep track of the other with a ward? if his Sharan channelers could keep the WT forces matched on the far slope, he could clear the physical threat before turning his power against the Light's channelers. Not to mention he had Taim to throw at them once the river was damned.
  4. Did we see any of Non-Forsaken use that power? Also with so many friendly channelers around, would that sort of a ward been of any use? Hell, with so many channelers around would that be of any use? You have all but the Yellows on the field, so assume about 600-750 AS, 250-300 AM, +/- 1k Damme, who knows how many Kin and possibly others who hid the ability to channel and that's just on the side of the light! We know that the ward to sense someone channeling tells you where, but not who or what, there are wards to tell if something specific is woven (detect gateways) but I can't see a ward like that being of any tactical good.
  5. Am I the only one who thought the fight with the DO was similar to Neil Gamin's Sandman comic? Dream goes to hell to recover one of his core objects of power and enters a battle of will with a demon. They have to say what they are to try and counter eachother- going from creatures to ideas. Dream wins by saying "I am hope." There is of course, nothing that could dispell hope, not in the face of the horrors thus constructed in their contest, and surrounded by demons (Lucifer among then) who still hoped to be free of hell.
  6. Why wouldn't Rand's being able to see something different in the eyes of darkfriends be any different from being able to see something off with those forcably turned? Maybe it is something small- something LTT figured out in the last age? I've often thought that Rand wouldn't be more powerful after his visit to dragonmount- but he would have the added knowledge of LTT unfiltered. He would know more of HOW to use his power. I just finished the final book and joined the forum, so please rip my idea to meaty bits. Anyone have any idea why the heroes of the horn seem to be able to fight on their own now and not be tied to Rand's battle (or the fight of the other mortals on the side of the light), as they were at Falme? A part of me thinks there's a good reason for it that might help answer some other questions. I was also a little confused by one thing at the end. Did Rand make Dragonmount and SG the same place in the end? What happens to the Blight and what remaining shadowspawn there is now that the bore is sealed? With Lan crowned and everybody not running for the exits after the book, it seems to imply that the Blight is gone, but it doesn't really say it.
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