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  1. Nope, the DO didn't try to kill Rand. Not directly. He wanted to break Rand's, will.
  2. He was the Dark One's avatar. The DO didn't need it anymore. Why would Shadar Haran fight when the DO was waiting for Rand at the Bore?
  3. Rand did die for all the world knows that's how he gets to be mister average from now on.
  4. I think Rand is going to out his life in peace. I think he's earned it.
  5. I just re-read the Rand's battle with the DO and it made sense. Everything the DO showed him was a lie. The only true vision was the last one, the one he showed the DO of the "hollow" people. It made perfect sense for Rand to exile the DO from the Pattern. It was the only way to achieve victory and the keep the Pattern and Wheel going.
  6. Seems a strange strategy since if the DO won, he would have won in those mirror worlds, too.
  7. I'd like to know what happens to Darkfriends after The Last Battle. Are they still around? Or do they lose hope and give up?
  8. I would like to know what happened when the Forsaken were freed from the Bore. Did they just wake up in SG or the Blight or what?
  9. Remember, a good chunk of those 3000 years were spent in a dreamless sleep.
  10. I don't there is a full version. I'd be surpried if RJ wrote the whole thing down.
  11. I definately wouldn't pass judgement on Demandred until we get that missing chapter.
  12. I agree with this. AMOL is not a philosphical trestise, or a religious novel, it's just a work of ficiton. I accepted the ending as the end of the book, period. I never bothered with the wider philosophy because it doesn't matter.
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