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  1. So then maybe they (RJ) could have wrapped up the Shaido/ Andor/ Travelling circus/ Salidar plots in 10-15 pages and switched to the Black Tower/ Fain/ Forsaken plots, which have been present since book 1, and which people actually liked... Ah, well...
  2. Yeah, there was surprisingly little redemption in a world supposed to revolve around the principle of "balance." Looked like a straight good vs evil encounter to me.
  3. Yeah, I got the same impression - and I think Egwene's arrogant refusal to ever bow down was part of the reason the authors offed her. All characters had to learn a bit of humility - even Galad! But not Egwene. She died guns blazing. She sort of had to, being Aes Sedai and all. Don't get me wrong, Egwene was all right...
  4. I agree... And I think this happened because from the perspective of the reader, the nameless generic armies mean nothing. They are just cannon fodder. We only feel the impact of the battle when a named character/city falls. In that sense the Light's casualties felt almost trivial, because only Egwene and Caemlyn were major WoT entities. Moreover, only a few secondary entities, such as Gawyn, Siuan, and the Borderlands, were destroyed. So from our perspective, the Shadow lost everything in the Last Battle, while the Light lost 10% of its forces, tops. The whole thing always felt like a cakewal
  5. One thing that bothers me is that as far as everybody except the Harem, Alivia, and Cadsuane knows, Rand is toast and Moridin is the DO's right hand. Suddenly, Moridin up and walks away. Wouldn't he instantly become the #1 fugitive in Randland? Shouldn't all channelers in the world receive orders to blast Morandin on sight with extreme prejudice?
  6. It is implied in MoL that the Seal Taim gave to Rand may have been a fake.
  7. Some people do report shock. I feel pretty awesome. Been reading this thing for 12 years, and it's finally over. Was a good trip. I'll miss the theorizing and the anticipation, but other than that, there's nothing to stop me from rereading the series if I want to go back to the old favorite characters. Meanwhile, we still have aSoFaI, which is likely to last for at least 6-7 more years, if Martin finishes it at all. We might also see a high-quality animated WoT TV series eventually, so there's that to look forward to.
  8. Man, what pissed me off about the Gateways is that they weren't used enough. I kept hoping Rand would just make a Gateway and teleport to the "swirling colors" of Perrin along with 50 Asha'man and 50,000 Tairen, and just finish the Shaido once and forever, unfortunately causing Faile's death in the process... And then he would teleport to Matt, grab Matt's party, teleport everybody to the tower of Ghenjei, tie off a Gateway to Caemlyn, and let Matt do his business. And then in Caemlyn Rand would inadvertently disembowel the unpregnant Elayne with a Gateway... "Sorry, Elayne, I lost concentrati
  9. demy takes out aviendha cadsuane and co demy about to finish his off his bitter rival LTT only to sideburned by Moridin. Demy's last words...'Why elan why.....you traitor!!! Would have been a fitting end for barid bel maidar That would have been awesome.
  10. Look, RJ and BS simply cheated and broke the rules regarding the OP and Gateways. The OP (one power) is OP (overpowered), and Gateways completely invalidate real-world conventional strategy. Demandred should have been able to vaporize the Allied Forces in about 10 minutes, and the Dreadlords should have been able to organize vast circles and just teleport around the world balefiring cities undefended by channelers of the Light. On the other hand, Androl backed by circles should have been able to wash away entire Trolloc armies by linking Gateways to the ocean. Gateways give a general instant t
  11. OK, but then why did the Shadow try to retake Shayol Ghul? I guess the logic is that they wanted to draw Rand out, and then catch him with his pants down. But then why didn't Demandred use the Sharan army to capture SG? He surely knew thatt he forces of the Light are mounting a desperate defense there. I mean Graendal could have spared 5 seconds to teleport to Demandred to tell him Rand's up at SG. If not Graendal, then some Dreadlord. Or the DO himself in ALL CAPS. Makes no sense. But then, so many things in the WoT make no sense I guess it doesn't really matter.
  12. The Theoryland people listed this as an error.
  13. I'm with you on that one. I also think Perrin should have killed Slayer during the Seanchan-WT confrontation, and Matt should have freed Moiraine around book 10 (imagine CoT with a Tower of Ghenjei scene... would have worked out great). A lot more plotlines should have been closed before the Last Battle. This failure to kill off plotlines was the main reason the WoT went downhill after book 6. Back in the first 6 books, plotlines would often open and close in the same book, and major things happened all the time. After that, boring plotlines that begged closure, like Perrin/Shaido and Elayne/A
  14. I disagree with that one. Between 1900 and 1950, Russia went through 5 cataclysms (Russo-Japanese War, WW1, Civil War/ Red Revolution, famine/purges, WW2), and it survived and even prospered to some extent. A similar claim can be made for Germany, which was back on its feet by the 1960s. I'd even argue that Randland barely suffered any great damage in the war. They didn't quite win the way the US won the two World Wars; but perhaps they won the way Britain won - with the loss of the best of a generation, with a few cities bombed to rubble, but, on the overall, in a decent enough shape, ready t
  15. Taim's arc was OK. I expected more action from the battle for the BT, but we got enough. The only problem I have with Taim concerns the Seals - what did Taim intend to do with them, and why didn't he put a ward (or something) on the pouch containing the Seals? Androl recovered the Seals in the stupidest way. Why didn't Taim notice Androl's weakness in the power during their encounter? I guess Taim was busy and tired or whatever. The final confrontation with Egwene was fun and appropriate, other than, as someone suggested, being a contest of "my sa'angreal is bigger than your sa'angreal."
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