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  1. yeah, the 3 refering to Moridin/Rand/LTT is invalid. Even if the voice was real somehow, Rand and LTT were NEVER separate, they have always been one soul. Souls cannot be split. voldemort split his soul seven ways, and what if the equation is actually 1.9+1.9+1.9 would that be almost 5?
  2. i am curious most threads bash her but i think she is a young women trying to do whats right in most cases, she is one of the most powerful Aes Sedai and she has to slap around a bunch that are wayyy older and make them see the "light" IMHO
  3. one point to hear debated is when Nye first went thru the test for accepted what about here visions of Lan and malkier restored???? possible future or just a dream?
  4. I dont think they can find any plaster of paris but maybe some plaster from tear? that was funny
  5. since there is no god, isn't this thread kind of useless?
  6. to much power? to go against a god? he isnt ready yet as is.
  7. well i have read the full series so far about 10 times :) but i am new to the forums. one question (newb one) what does RAFO mean?
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