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  1. Hey just quickly as just had a thought, and though I guess it doesnt even matter, but when Demandred talks to his woman, and mentions how she has not given herself to the shadow, is this deliberate and intended to coincide with the 'flame of Tar Valon' not hurting those not turned to the shadow nearly as much? A way of say that this one would have not died in the attack? I can't remember if it's the same woman who talked about how many shara channeled were left at the end or not.
  2. Egwenes Death...moved me in a way I wasn't expecting. I have come to believe it is mainly because it represents the end of the series to me in. (though I did find it disappointing that the cycle continues unabated - there was nothing extremely important about this particular cycle. Nothing to move it away from the norm, nothing to say why this is the cycle written over the others) But still it was sad. That said for those wondering about foreshadowing, who to blame etc, I had always wondered how this dream of hers from ACOS would play out. --- “She stands at fork in road. Gawyn rides up not seeing her. One road leads to violent death, the other, long life. Down one road they marry, the other, not. Gawyn smiles and chooses.” They Bonded, They Married, They Died. It is 100% Gawyns fault that Egwene is dead. In case there was any doubt out there. If he doesn't run off like a kid who has serious ADD issues, he doesn't die (or perhaps they would not have been bonded when he died), unbalance Egwene and she is then at a different place at a different time and survives. Would be interesting to go back and figure out the steps and implications of the other path. Then again this same dream came to my mind when Gawyn saved her in the previous books when the WT was attacked (Red Herring?). But they weren't married at that time and... too much to think about for me too soon. I'll have to let it all sink in. Perhaps that was RJ/Brandon building in (and now having had written) two different fulfilments to the same prophecy, just in case he decided to go a different way is this book. Can anyone think of a different example of this occurring? This foretelling now is now obvious, if it wasn’t always. ---- “The lion sword, the dedicated spear, she who sees beyond. Three on the boat, and he who is dead yet lives. The great battle done, but the world not done with battle. The land divided by the return, and the guardians balance the servants. The future teeters on the edge of a blade.” The Dragons Peace will lead to an immense cold war military build-up. That is all. It will not last, just gives people time to learn to hate each other more. I only mention it as I always imagined her there, leading. She had links to everyone important on her side, strong solid links. I don’t see anyone else able to step up, able to draw on the others that will have to oppose the delayed Return. Without Egwene, that future teeters a little more violently. -Bao
  3. Hey all, First time, Long Time Yadda Yadda. Just wondering as I can't seem to place it. Rand never signed his own treaty right? As in he let everyone else sign on their own, for themselves, so it would be binding post LB? Soooo that would mean no one from the Black Tower signed anything? And no one noticed, demanded a provision or anything? Please let me know when the Black Tower became bound by the treaty, if they did. I know thinking about the implications is a pretty useless exercise, but hey old habits, if you have read these books…its what you do. (Although I am sad to say but these ones will probably die at some point. ) -Bao Sorry if this has been discussed, if it has i have so far not seen where
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