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  1. i'm sort of sad that we got just another katana - doesn't really follow the books at all. Looking forward, if they proceed with the series into the other books - how will he be branded without the herons on the hilt? those are sort of defining moments of the early series, no? Its a beautiful piece, but its not Tams sword, its just a heron marked katana ( a tsuba instead of quillions, missing a point, no herons on the hilt)
  2. just finished my second readthrough.. now its time to sit back and digest all until the E-book format comes out. after my first readthrough i was a bit dissapointed but after my second, i feel content --- i really find that i like the somewhat hectic pace of this offering. and that even after just the first few chapters you can just feel that no one is "safe" throughout this book... i would have loved to see a few characters come out alive (bela 'sob').. but overall i find that the simplicity of some of the deaths really seems to fit with the flow of the battle. Nearly 23 year
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