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  1. Personally, I had assumed Nynaeve would bring Rand back, three days after the end of TG. Why? Because (IIRC) early in the series, it was pointed out that the only things that couldn't be healed were stilling (check), the taint (check), and death (...) - and a comment was made that Nynaeve wouldn't be happy until she'd brought back someone three days dead, or something like that. Basically, I'd expected her to go to TAR, find Rand, and rip him right back off the wheel. After all, she's the one that learns weaves fast, and she alone saw Moggy rip Birgitte out of TAR. The new body wouldn't look like *Rand* though, and he'd go on to live incognito. Egwene - I assumed she'd survive, actually - but as a Turned dreadlord. Gawyn - Oh yeah, his death was obvious from the get-go. But I had assumed that he'd get a medallion from Elayne, and be involved in Egwene's fight with Taim - Taim would smirk at Gawyn, use most of his power to hold off Egwene, and then be struck down by a man immune to the one power - using a sword.
  2. Yes, the homages were rather nice. Still, I wish we'd seen more of the minor characters that *didn't* fight. There were a few that were just plain missing. Have you read the Sundering duology by Jacqueline Carey? Starts with "Banewreaker" think you might enjoy it based on the above. No, I haven't read it. To be honest, I like the uplifting endings more - the end of WoT was good, though the huge battles were getting rather annoying. I read it in (almost) one sitting, though - had to spend half an hour eating, but otherwise sped through it at 120 pph. I just think that it would have been FUNNY. The Wheel of Time, one of the longer single-storyline epics of modern fantasy literature, ending with the world being completely destroyed. With the entire series having been *pointless*.
  3. Speaking personally, I think it would have been a very interesting twist/change if the protagonists had failed, allowing the DO to end the world... and have "The Dark One spoke, and said "the world is not"" as the last sentence of the series. It would've resulted in bloody revolt by a lot of readers, but it would have been one of the most talked about endings in the history of literature (though it would likely end up a "It was his sled" moment).
  4. Regarding Mat's luck: I don't think that was him being ta'averen *or* his being attached to the knife. Something else happened at the tower, between books 2 and 3. Specifically, the theft of some ter'angreal. Now, the missing items were supposedly all taken by Liandrin's group... but the "six spotted dice" one, which suspends chance, was never found or mentioned again. My theory is (and has been) that not all of the items left the tower with the group of 13; some stayed in the tower, or had actually been stolen before they raided the storerooms. Someone, most likely Verin, had the six spotted dice while Mat was at the Tower, and used them in a heretofore unknown way to permanently grant the "luck-warping" powers. Regarding Caalandor: I assumed that Rand, as a channeler of the TP via his link with Moridin, could sense it the same way he could sense Saidin angreals.
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