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  1. Did anyone initially think that when Thom knifes Cadsuane in the back that he was doing it out of revenge for his nephew? That sequence was pretty cool for me.
  2. Overall it was great! It was really moving in certain parts. During the initial meeting at Merrilor, I actually felt frustrated by the interaction/confrontation between Egwene and Rand- it felt just right! And the Last Battle was truly great. Honestly, I had my doubts whether the LB could live up to all the hype and build of the previous 13 volumes. Those 200+ pages did it more than justice. Demondread was awesome- just the villain we needed! Androl and Pevara are my new favorite couple, and wow... I am currently overwelmed by feelings of gratitude and satisfaction. Thanks RJ & BS
  3. Hi DM Community! First I would like to thank Dragonmount for all the great information provided here. I was able to attend a midnight release of AMOL in Utah. There was also a Q&A forum with Harriet McDougal and Brandon Sanderson that I heard of here at DM! Thanks for the accurate info, it was such a fun event! I got my signed copy and a speeding ticket on my way home. Well, I haven't gotten much sleep the last few days and have really been enjoying A Memory of Light. It has been great, but I am a little bummed that the story is coming to an end. However, I look forward to joining the discussion of this great series as the wheel turns ;)
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