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  1. The M'Hael one is correct. The Dark One was sent new women channelers to make The Turning easier. The non-existence of women channels (at least those who weren't tired out) was the reason Logain was able to hold out for so long.
  2. So the 3 oaths prevents Aes Sedai from speaking a lie, but could they not shake or nod their head at questions or write it on paper?
  3. Sanderson told me to RAFO when I asked him if Loail's book gets finished.
  4. There was a line earlier in the book about capturing the Dark One as Gai'shan. I believe it was Aviendha would first proposed it to Rand.
  5. Lan tells Rand way back in the early books that sometimes it is necessary to sheath the sword.
  6. Graendal was caught a couple times leaving the tents in the Light's camp.
  7. Rand saved the world from the Dark One for another 3000 years. He's done quite enough. Everything else the nations have to face in the aftermath is pretty small potatoes.
  8. When they picked Elayne to be the leader, they hadn't split up the 4 great generals yet. Bryne could have just as easily went with Elayne. The White Tower has never been politically neutral. The rest of the world recognized them as being manipulative for their own gains. Rand certainly didn't trust them. The White Tower breaking and the attack from the Seanchan did serve to humanize them a little bit though.
  9. Egwene and Nynaeve were country village girls. Of course there is a lot of room for them to grow. The throne of Andor was Elayne's mothers. Elayne was groomed from the time she was born to be queen. Of course she is going to fight for it......... There were 2 people in the entire book besides the Forsaken and Rand who were stronger in the power than Elayne: Nynaeve and Alivia (who didn't appear until near the end). Neither of those two became queens at 19. Berelain perhaps came close to Elayne in beauty and she ruled a nation (albeit a very tiny one) but she couldn't channel. Mor
  10. I was kind of surprised The Black Wind didn't make an appearance. We were starting to get the impression that it had a mind of its own and it was very nearly possible to break out of the Waygates. At first I thought that's what the mist was.
  11. So much hate for Elayne. Can anyone explain please? Yeah she's a little snobby, but she was born and raised a princess and a very pretty one by all accounts. She's also always told that she is one of the strongest channelers since the breaking. That alone would make her feel quite invincible. One part I didn't quite like was her sneaking around corners at the Stone of Tear kissing Rand.
  12. Isn't this a trick question? Is the 'first' book first in publication order, chronological order, and does the chronological depend on the time frame of the majority of content in the book? the time frame of the majority of content in the book? The majority of the book took place in the last 2ish years since Rand and co. left the Two Rivers at which time Siuan was Amyrlin.
  13. Balefire is a big problem just as all time travel is for stories. Let's look at the fight between the Aes Sedai and Sharan channelers. Taim balefires Egwenes companions so the Sharan channelers that they had a hand in helping kill come back to life. Those Aes Sedai are no longer there to cut the weaves of the Sharan channelers attack Egwene. Doesn't Egwene now die? Sanderson started that line of thinking himself but never did resolve it.
  14. If the cycle isn't going to repeat for another 3000 years, it doesn't actually matter whose alive at the moment or what they do with the horn. Even in this age they still had to find the horn.
  15. I thought it was quite humorous when Mat asked Artur Hawkwing if he knows the Seanchan.
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