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  1. When I read that RJ planned for certain things to be done by Ashaman, I got the impression that things would have played out quite differently. In the earlier books, when Rand visited the farm, he would get updates on what was happening. He would be told that so-and-so was working on X. (The Aes Sedai had similar details.) Then, when whatever project played a role in the story, it would be referenced or shown. So let's say RJ's notes said Ashaman make lava gateway. I envision that Logain would have at some point before the Last Battle been walking around the Black Tower and come upon some Ashaman discussing the possible uses for gateways. Maybe Logain would have thought about how some new Dedicated had a particular Talent and had revealed the possibility of making a horizontal gateway. Then the discussion might hint at using the gateway to transport deadly stuff or to change how arrows are directed at opponents. Cut to the Last Battle and Logain, commanding the Ashaman or advising Mat, could direct that the gateways be used offensively. Mat sees the tactical uses and he and Logain work up the strategy that defeats the Trolloc horde. Then various Ashaman perform the maneuvers on the battlefield. That is 100% consistent with RJ's notes, but it doesn't elevate some bit character to the forefront and doesn't undermine Logain. And it seems far more consistent with how RJ used the minor characters without taking away the focus from the main characters.
  2. Hopefully, it's okay for a newbie (well, a long-time lurker) to raise a different subject, but I was thinking back on the threads that predicted what would happen in AMOL. A lot of posters predicted Lan would die, which triggered debate about whether he would then reappear as a HOH. As an aside, I would this book settles any debate about Lan's credentials to be bound to the Horn, but I now think it is odd that Egwene did not appear. Shouldn't her actions have in destroying M'Hael and the Sharan channelers have raised her to the level of a HOH? On top of that, she stopped the Pattern from unraveling and her sacrifice also gave Rand what he needed to be able to defeat the DO. So should Egwene have been a HOH?
  3. I agree with all of these. I hated that we didn't get much between Nynaeve and Lan. There was no scene between them before the Last Battle, she never seemed to react to what he was going through, and they didn't really get a reunion scene after the battle, just a few lines. I understand that showing Nynaeve's reaction to Lan sheathing the sword could have spoiled things (though it could have been handled in a way that it didn't, such as from Moraine's POV seeing Nynaeve be affected), but it just felt like their relationship was given so little attention. It was mostly limited to Lan sending his love to her through their bond, and I'm not even sure we ever got a sense of whether Nynaeve felt that. It also annoyed me that Lan and Nynaeve wore crowns at Rand's funeral. Wouldn't the crowning of the "uncrowned" King of Malkier have been a big deal?
  4. I've been lurking on Dragonmount for years, but finally wanted to join to discuss the last book. I began reading WOT in spring 1991, breaking my general rule at the time of never reading an unfinished fantasy series, but thinking it was okay in that instance because I thought WOT was going to be a trilogy and, hey, the final book was going to be out a few months later. (Hey, what's 20 years? I was never very good at math.) I used to post in the old usenet groups, but never really made the transition to posting any of the WOT forums. So I guess it's better late than never. Jess
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