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  1. Don't stop making these! These should be put in the anthology they're making. (PS I made a special effort to remember my username and password just to encourage you to keep going.)
  2. It's probably been discussed, but what if the one power is no longer accessible after the last battle. No Aiel women held be Seanchan=no blood feud. No more chance to drill the bore in future wheel turns. Numerous other ramifications that I don't feel like going through, and don't belong here.
  3. I would love to see a WoT movie. However, I strongly suspect that it will not come close to doing the books justice unless, as before mentioned, each book is made into 9hrs of film. Also, what do you all think about the movie being made in …I don’t know what it’s called, the type of movie that’s computer animated-the way 300 and Beowulf were made.
  4. I got the impression that the hand essentially disentigrated when the fire ball hit, so there is no hand crawling around. I think it unlikely Rand will get a new hand, a new body maybe, but not a new hand. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the thought of a power wrought hand, but it seams unlikely.
  5. I had to go with Thom too. He is just a cool guy.
  6. ...especially if the channeler were Rand with Mat's medallion and a Sa'angreal. I really don’t think a suit of armor would be too difficult (requiring years or even months) to make if you had a channerler do the hard parts.
  7. at first i wanted 2 or 3 but they are just too dangerous with too many tricks, so i went with 1. plus, their knowledge could be dangerous in the wrong hands.
  8. Oliver does have quite the potential doesnt he. Too bad I dont think we will ever see the rest of his story.
  9. 1st-Lan (life of fighting and enhanced warder ablities) 2nd Mat(very close to first. whooped the bros, lucky, and memorys) 3rd Rhuarc (aiel) 3.5 Rand with both hands (trained by Lan & Rhuarc, much devoted bractice, tall) 4th Galad (studly killer of blademaster) 5th Gawyn (well trained and young) 6th Ingtar (trained warrior) 7th Perrin (mostly untrained, some battle experience and strong) 8th Tam (older, but was blademaster)(also, i believe it was Mat's dad who was the quarter staff master not Tam) This is assuming all have their weapon
  10. Thom for me, though it wasn't an easy choice. Nice poll btw. We need to get more people voting on it.
  11. As I said cuendillar armor would not be invincible, but certainly nearly invulnerable. I do like the chain armor that was mentioned. As for the difficulty of making cuendillar armor; yes it would be more difficult, but not much more than it would be to make a typical suit of armor. An Aes Sedai skilled in earth could likely work out the kinks and make a suit of armor ready to be transformed into cuendillar with less difficulty and time than a blacksmith would have making a normal suit of armor. With Egwene's speedy ability of transforming cuendillar she could transform 4 suits in a free
  12. I love Morrowind and hoped that a mod would be made like this for it, but I guess I'll just have to hope that one day I'll have a computer that can play Oblivion. Keep up the work. That will be a colusal project once it is finished.
  13. I, like almost everyone else, want the book and then all of the notes/recordings.
  14. Egwene, if I recall, was able to turn metal into Cuendillar at a very fast rate. So theoretically she should be able to easily make a very thin suit of Heartstone armor. Toss that together with Mat's medallion and you have a nearly invincible man. Put those things on someone who can channel and has access to a Sa'angral and he becomes even more nearly invincible. There are weaknesses, as before mentioned, but it is still a cool idea.
  15. Fist, what happens if some one is behind a wall of...ah man i cant think of what it is called. the unbreakable metal. oh yea cuandalar or something like that. any way, what if someone is behind that and bf is shot at him. does the the bf go through it or just stop. i know it wont destroy it. second, what if a gateway opens up and the edge runs into the...unbreakable metal. do you think it can cut through it or will it just push it out of the way. i think a suit of... that metal would be realy cool.
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