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  1. I asked this question over on his own boards in this thread. http://www.timewastersguide.com/forum/index.php?topic=7270.msg160478#msg160478 His assistant answered and said he gets lump sum advance and a percentage of the royalties...a good sized chunk of change, but he won't get anywhere near as much for the WoT books as he will for his own books if they do well.
  2. Simple solution...just buy two copies on the 26th.
  3. I'm not good at quotes. lol. Anywho, Fain did that? i don't recall. Hm. Time for another reread. :D It is assumed by the characters that this is another bubble of evil. We never find out if they're right or if it was Fain's doing.
  4. So I was right before about Lans sword, but it doesn't explain why they are more rare than the heron mark... Does anyone know of a reference stating who received OP wrought weapons and why? Not all Heron Marked blades are made with the power. Lan and Rand discuss this point specifically during one of their training sessions. Power wrought heron marked blades are just as rare if not rarer than non-marked blades.
  5. Also, they became stingy with their knowledge. When one person would figure out how to do something, they wouldn't always share the regained knowledge...unless it suited their purposes.
  6. Yes, in Moiraine's explanation to the girls, she stated that the associated sickness moves closer and closer to the channeling event until it happens at the same time as the channeling.
  7. I believe that that idea has been officially shot down, but I can't recall any specific quotes
  8. Aiel with a last name ?? To repeat what Maj has said about twenty times, Brandon with adjust the names to fit the story--so no Aquarius, there will be no Aiel with last names. I swear if this has to be said again I'll scream. THE NAMES WILL BE WOTIFIED! I found this one to be interesting, it came in two separate tweets: Sarah Kainec Kainea Spearsister. At first I thought that he had just typo'd Sarah's last name, but after reading the tweets a couple of times, I believe that Kainea is the name that he adapted from Sara's name to be the Aiel name.
  9. I love how everybody is jumping all over the Andrew Sparks name while ignoring the other 40 or so that Brandon tweeted about. Most if not all of them also don't sound very WoTish but nobody has complained. I figured that it was because everybody knew how Brandon was planning on using and changing the names. Seeing how that is obviously not the case, why in particular do people have a problem with Andrew Sparks and not "Susan Moore" or "Scott Reid" (who we know will be a Two Rivers man) or "Paul Jarr" or any of the other myriads of names that Brandon has announced. Edit: Just for fun, I
  10. Years... Well, at least since late December.
  11. All I can say is eeeww to Lini, she's old enough to be Tam's Grandmother
  12. Correction: She thinks she knows what needs to happen for success at TG and will do anything to make sure that it happens. That is my biggest peeve with her right now. She's actually believes that she knows best and everybody else be damned. She's a 20 year old kid that has been leading for a year. What makes her think she knows any better than Rand what needs to be done and how to do it. My hope is that the Aes Sedai as a power block will be broken by the end of the series. They are way to set in their ways to be fixed without a near clean wipe of the slate.
  13. I always figured that the confusion was an act that Verin puts on to keep other people from looking at her too closely. I had this opinion before reading the latest book, and the last book just served to reinforce this in my mind. One glaring example of this is when Verin had to decide whether or not she was going to kill Cadsuane when they met in the Royal Palace in Cairhein. Verin used her "confusion" to hide the fact that she paused before serving the tea. This pause allowed her to make the decision that Cadsuane wasn't bad for Rand and that she didn't need to be killed. Had she decide
  14. For personal use, you can use the images, once you start distributing them, things get iffy. Even if you're doing it completely for free, it impinges on the copyright holder's ability to control their work (or make money off of it) and thus can be against copyright laws. As far as I know it doesn't matter whether or not it was published on the internet. Again, if you're going to be distributing it, the copyright/legal text is absolutely necessary.
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