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  1. Rand with Moiraine just behind. I really liked Rand's 'dark' phase, with him struggling to decide what he needs to be in order to win TG.
  2. Asmodean was my favourite character from the shadow, but the most effective was probably Ishamael as Moridin.
  3. Hey, I'm new to this site. I've looked over it a few times before, but decided now is the time to join. I started reading these books four years ago, so I've had no where near the wait that some of you guys have had. After racing through AMoL, I'm rereading the entire series, as I only had time to reread ToM before AMoL was released. I thought BS did as well as anyone other than RJ could have done with the final three. I look forward to talking with some of you :)
  4. I thought it was made quite clear in earlier novels that Mashadar was created as a result of an "any means necessary" attitude to fighting the shadow by the citizens of Aridhol. They fought the shadow with shadow, and did terrible things in their war, and in doing so created Mashadar and corrupted Aridhol into Shadar Logoth.
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