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  1. I'm satisfied with the plot and how the series ended as a whole. I do wish Rand hadn't survived as I feel it would have been a more fitting sacrifice than Egwene's. After all, Taim? Really? Why couldn't Logain die killing him instead? I'm disappointed that we didn't get to see more of Moiraine. I looked forward to reading her and Lan's reunion almost as much as I've longed to read her and Siuan's but we got to see neither. Siuan's death was really the final blow and it's something that bugs me to no end. Siuan And Moiraine deserved to have a reunion scene. After all without their meddling and underhanded blue ways, where would Rand have ended up? Very likely on the daaarrk side.
  2. I have to agree. As deaths go, hers was a pretty good one made all the better by the fact I was totally blindsided by it. My expectation was that she would go on to rule as the greatest Amyrlin that ever was... Now I feel her legacy will crumble and the only lasting part of it will be her sacrifice. Sorry, but how is it that saving the Pattern from imminent destruction is a cheap death? As for Rand and Egwene co-leading, it was never going to happen. For one thing, Rand has no interest in leading. He's always wanted a simple life while Egwene was the ambitious one. For another, they are like saidin and saidar. They work with and against each other, they always have. I would've liked Rand to go out in a blaze of glory, too. I'm glad for Egwene. I don't like her but it was a good end for her.
  3. It is just my opinion. Explaining or justifying one's opinion can sometimes be a tiring and futile undertaking... It might be simpler to just think of it this way: I hate Rand and I wanted him to die. I'm disappointed that he didn't. I can't say why or when I started to hate Rand... I think it was around the time the harem attached themselves onto him. While I appreciate at this point in the series the story must be plot driven, I can't help but feel the character development and interaction was very thin. It would have driven the nail home for me with much more force. I suppose it isn't too disappointing that Rand lived after all, I'm not so filled with spite that I won't get over it. Egwene's death was just heartbreaking. I never even liked her but that scene broke me just a little bit. What did you think about the book as a whole? Rand's new lease on life aside. Exactly how is it a farce? Why should Rand have died? Not begrudging you your opinion, but this is a discussion form. Personally I have no problem with the way things worked out, so I'm curious what you feel was wrong or should have been different.
  4. Venaliter I agree with you wholeheartedly. I find it be an astounding farce. I can't believe the foundations of this book came from the same person who penned EotW. I hope Rand falls into a bog and dies without a soul in sight.
  5. Well I guess I was pretty disappointed with the Moiraine/Siuan developments as a whole. Now I might be a tiny bit biased as Moiraine is hands down my favourite character but let's not forget that these two set in motion the story most of us have been following for 14 books, making them pretty central characters. This is especially true where Moiraine is concerned. Poor Siuan seems to have gotten the short spiky end of the stick. In light of Siuan's death un-scene, I think a reunion scene would have been a great way of ensuring a lasting elegance and poignancy, even irony to her story. Let's not forget that they ostensibly had no relationship after gaining the shawl as their future had become set in stone and their failure would mean disaster. They set aside their own friendship to save the world and Siuan didn't even get a death scene. Burn me. Another giant kick in the balls was how little we really get to see Moiraine in aMoL. I mean... She's essentially dead for 7 books. Trouble has been taken to rescue her for the last book but she mostly sits around twiddling her thumbs. We don't get to see her re-united with Lan or Siuan. Well... At least she gets a massive hug from Nynaeve. Ah, how far the wisdom has come.
  6. I think I've gotten ahead of myself... Pretty much done with aMoL and I haven't read a Moiraine/Siuan encounter. Did I miss it? Shouldn't there be a mention in the tent? I was so looking forward to their reunion.
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