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  1. Well, that's one down, though did they ever have a scene in the book where that was mentioned? I don't remember it.
  2. Finally some people to talk about this book. Before I start off, I wanted to say overall I loved the book. Been looking forward to it for awhile. One of the best scenes that will always stick in my mind is Page 530-531 when Androl said "Three thousand years ago the Lord Dragon created Dragonmount to hide his shame. His rage still burns hot. Today... I bring it to you, Your Majesty." then one of the weakest Channelers creates what even Logain says is a miracle and summons the very heart of a volcano to their enemy. That said, I do have some issues that, at the end of the book, left me blinking and turning the page to see blankness. A Memory of Light has 909 pages. I wouldn't of minded if I had to read another hundred pages or so, even more. I'm pretty sure I read an interview from Mr. Jordan saying(before he died, of course) it would be his last book in the series, even if you had to use a wheelbarrow to take it home. I'm a fan of Brandon Sanderson, read the Mistborn series and The Way of Kings. I think he did a great job on the additions and making one book into three, but I feel like there should of been more. Some of the things off the top of my head that I wish were given more depth to during the book: Egwene and Gawyn's marriage. Were her parents there? Morgase? Elayne? I know it was mentioned as a simple ceremony, but still, they had gateways, they could of taken the time to put in one of the small sections that became a custom out of this book. As it is, I felt more for Bela's death than Gawyn. Did anyone else see who the killer of Asmodean was? I didn't catch it, and I thought that Brandon Sanderson said it would be in there since Mr. Jordan had planned on revealing it in the last book. All the big readings from Min that they resolved at the end of the book by one liners. I understand that Alivia helped Rand die, but could we actually see it? Even if it were little flashbacks during whatever actually happened. Rand asked for coins, and Alivia stole them. Did he ask her before he even went to confront the Dark One, or after? Anyone else notice the similarities between Galad and Rand becoming even more obvious(Sword masters, hands get removed by a Forsaken, each knows about each other) to Rand being reborn without a care of anything and no meeting of "Hey Bro"? Ever since we found out about Rand's heritage and who his living relations were, I was looking forward to the final meeting. The Tinkers! They go looking all this time for their song, and who's singing lullabies to everyone but them? Rand. Who doesn't get their song and could help bring back the world to plentiful growth after the Last Battle? The Tinkers. Going back to the marriage situation. I wouldn't of minded seeing Loial getting hitched. Would of been nice to see an Ogier wedding, especially after however many countless times Loial talked about the possibility of it. The Sharans. I had to actually go and look them up since they were so obscure to this point. Didn't Mr. Jordan give most of the facts about them in his encyclopedia? I would have thought that they would have at least been referenced in Aviendha's future viewing, at least some sort of foretelling of it. They did have a major play in the Last Battle. It would of at least been nice to learn a little bit of them, see some more interaction from them. As the post has gone pretty long, and I'm hopefully not overstepping my bounds by posting all of this stuff, I'll sum up the rest of my stuff right away. Wished we could of seen more of Thom. Padan Fain seemed to been forgotten until the very end. Maybe a paragraph here or there throughout the book to lead up to another looming threat. That's all I can think of, if I'm wrong in some of these areas, I'm sorry. If this in anyway came off looking like I hated the book or the writing, I didn't mean it to. I loved the book and I'm going to be rereading it again soon.
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