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  1. Just an update I got my email an hour ago saying it was shipped. So hope you will get yours here soon Jeff.
  2. Well guessing since I havn't received anythign yet I wasn't one of the lucky few who used B&N looks like I will never be doing any more pre orders through this company seeing as they can't fulfill the orders they were given.
  3. So the only thing that was similar is it should be shipping today or tomorrow. But the number of copies was different for each of us
  4. So even with the email this morning apparently they are in stock however B&N only received 13 of their ordered 22. By the end of the night people should receive the email if they are getting one. Best of luck to everyone I guess?
  5. Pretty sure Barnes and Noble royally screwed up the shipping with these books be in leather bound or just plain hard cover.
  6. I orderd this edition in October and received the "Your Order Has Been Delayed" email this morning. Jordan.Sargent - When you spoke to them, did they confirm they would eventually be fulfilling your order? When I did the online chat thing, the person on the other end of the connection could not guarantee they would ever be able to fulfill my order. I really want this edition and am torn whether to do the panic thing and try to find one online no matter the price or wait it out. I worry that if I wait it out, by the time I get the "Your Order Has Been Cancelled" email, there won't be any more new copies available. As my kids would say, "Sad face". The person I had talked to seemed to have no clue about the leather bound and just gave me the run around pretty much. Since I was at work that day friend of mine (who also ordered the leather bound) went and grabbed the hard cover and asked the person at the local barnes and noble and he was told that the book was in stock and scheduled to ship the next day. However, that was the day that everyone got the email stating it was delayed. So its pretty much up in the air as to whether or not they will be able to fulfill these orders or not. Let me know if you can find it anywhere else online. Everywhere I have looked they don't even have the option for the leather bound special edition
  7. So preordered the leatherbound copy from B&N back in November. Check status today still not shipped, call them and guess what they don't even have the book in the warehouse and now it could take up to 8 weeks to get. So just wondering if anyone else got screwed by B&N?
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