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  1. Isn't it possible the vision of Rand in the boat with his harem still true.. that's his eventual real death?
  2. I did not make a notation of the where this occurs, (I just tried looking for it and can't find it), but somewhere in the book, there is a typo saying Egwene drew on the True Power, instead of the One Power. Will look again later when I have more time to try and find the exact page #
  3. In my defense, prophecy is never exactly what you think it says... With that said, I'm sure I'm wrong (don't tell my wife that though), and there are a hundred more holes you can poke in it (and my wife has :) But given the title of the thread, I just wanted to get it out there, just in case of the extremely unlikely event I'm right :)
  4. First post, long time lurker... Have had a pet theory for a long long time that my wife violently disagrees with, but here goes. Logain is really the Dragon Reborn and will die "with glory like none other", meaning.... Rand lives happily ever after. Moraine said something way back in book 1 or 2 about the Pattern 'needing a Dragon'... which is, I think, why Rand has been fulfilling Dragon prophecies (Logain couldn't, being gentled) Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...
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