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  1. Masaema is a nut job and can't see him questioning whatever accent the Blessed Lord Dragon decides to speak in. More then likely Masema was under a little compulsion.
  2. Don't forget Moridin as it has been pointed out in other Forsakens POV's is crazy, they mention he isn't any saner now then before he died. So he might at time make statements that contradict. Doubt he sent the trollocs and pretty sure he has no idea who did it. My money is on Demandred. Seems soemthing that wasn't meant to kill Rand but make him desperate. After all as a forsaken might see it if things went really bad Rand could make a gateway and run for it.
  3. Problem is how would Taim know Isam exsists or how to contact him? Orginally I assumed Isam was trying to kill Lan and Ny.
  4. My problem with thinking it is Taim is no proof, no way to know for sure he sent a grayman or can command shadowspawn. Taim tried to kill Rand with Asha'man and that failed why would he think Trollocs could do it? Taim IMO would be morel likely to have 30 of his Asha'man appear suddenly and level the place. No proof Taim can pretend to be one of the forsaken, or knew Samm well enough to immate him. Only one of the Forsaken could immate him well enough. I think the whole attack was to get Rand moving, he was staying put and as pointed out it might of been a reminder the last battle was
  5. For Rands sake Min, Avied, or ELayne better not die since he is bonded to them as a warder. Suck to get all the way to the last battle just to have Min fall on her own knife then go crazy and run off and die.
  6. Didn't it say it would also be at the hands of people who could channel? So the first was the rescue from the kidnapping. I think the other will involve the 13 Aes Sedai with the borderlanders or maybe a DF wise one will reveal herself. Distance doesn't matter anymore since he has the Asha'man with him. But seriously how much worse can things get for Rand that if Perrin isn't there? He already lost a hand, gone nearly blind and nearly killed Min.
  7. I think all the main two river folk live. Since we already have clues about some of them after the last battle. Mat lives (since RJ was going to write another series about him and Tuon), Egwene will be head of the white tower, Perin and Faile, and Ny who Min saw mourning over a guys body which is probably Lan. Think alot of the second tier heros will bite the dust. There is most likely wise ones serving the shadow, but might not be any clan cheifs that are for the shadow since so few of them and the survival rate for those taking the test is so low.
  8. Maybe the battle will be more like what happened at Falme. Where it happens sort of in its own reality but will be seen by all. It will be interesting how it happens since it can't be about brute force, as no one would stand a chance against the DO using weapons or channeling.
  9. War has changed alot since the Forskaen's time. best to fins oout all you can on the tatics of the times. After all he knows very well the fates of the others who didn't take the "inferiors" of this time seriously. I am assuming Rands plan to trap all the ways failed? Still doesn't seem to be any shortage of shadowspawn using them.
  10. What is left to argue?? Every possible arguement for and against Taim being Demandred has been given and gone over for the last few years. Again it would be pointless to make Dem Taim and put one of the Gars in the tower.
  11. The amount of balrefire to wipe out 3000 years would destroy the world. Just as RJ said the amount of balefire that would be required to kill the DO would destroy the world. That would be the same risk of having too many people linked together firing off balefire.
  12. Well RJ could be tricky but can't see all of these books just for in the end having the DO pimp slap Rand and take over. I imagine Rand will karate kid kick the DO in the face. But yeah Verin was worried becuase she doesn't think Rand understand how he is to fight the DO. It won't be a brute force using the power type thing since if he got in a channeling fight with the DO Rand would get glown to bits. Should be intertesting since every surviving Forsaken will be there, and most likely Fain.
  13. Can't wait till the next Forsaken meeting when its announced 2 more Forsaken are toast and both are women. That should cause some panic. But I agree was time for her to die since she added nothing to the storyline anymore. If you think about it most of the Forsaken suck and have made a mess of almost everything. Asan'gar fled, Mes severly weakened in the tower, Moghi plots came to nothing, Lanfear failed to turn Rand, Ba'el Rhavin, and Samm dead and their nations o nthe side of good now. Semi and Grandel caused some chaos but died.
  14. Yes Taim wanted one of his own near Rand. Also if Taim was Demandred, why put Osan'gar in the tower too? Don't really need 2 forsaken in the tower. Be the same for the WT If Elaida was really Semi wouldn't be much of a need for Mes to be there.
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