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  1. I assume you are talking about Rand's Anti-Darkfriend Superpower? Moridin suggests its nothing more than a trick, Rand listening for a sped up heart when he held the Power. However, we have seen Darkfriends go mad simply from looking at Rand, without Rand interfering with them. We should conclude that his powers are a side-effect of his Dragoness. The situation at Maradon was a good deal more than simply looking at him given what was going on at the time. Again Moridin calls him out and Rand later thinks on it in a way that makes it clear it was all a trick. There have been other hints sprinkled in as well. I dont want to beat this to death but : ....Near the end of the line, Weiramon kept glancing at Rand, then looking away. The tall man had thinning gray hear, his beard oiled to a point. Rand eventually reached him. "Meet my eyes, Weiramon," Rand said softly. "My lord Dragon, surely I am not worth to--" "Do it" Weiramon did so with an off difficulty. He looked as if he were gritting his teeth, his eyes watering. .. He sounded dazed. "That light... That terrible light." I'm fine with this being a trick, but this specific trick is not described. If you want to say well he used the heartbeats thing + some other trick I'm fine with that. All sufficiently advanced science appears as magic to those who don't understand it right? But a lack of evidence of the specific trick makes me skeptical of what is going on or this is a bad retcon of something they weren't happy with how it was portrayed in the previous book.
  2. So then what was the meet my eyes crap about then.
  3. Time to necro the decades old thread on Wotmania by Dom? maybe, with channelers broken down on a scale of 1-100. I do want to put a small point in, from memory so excuse the paraphrasing, but doesn't Loial say to some effect that "13 weak women could shield most men, and the 13 weakest women in Tar Valon could stop rand," the point being that if you were Aes sedai you had a certain power level. Edit: I thought it was LoC, but now I can't find the quote. My powers of ipad search are failing me. Edit 2. Found it, it was Asmo to Rand - "Thirteen women who can barely channel could overpower most men, linked. The thirteen weakest women in the Tower could overpower you or any man and barely breathe hard”
  4. RJ (and Sanderson?) had always said that Gawyn was more lucky than good with the sword. He was never supposed to be close to as good as Galad or Lan. I 100% understand. But hes lucky against 2v1 with sleete practicing for a month. He is lucky every single day of that. Look I understand what everyone will say, but it does not add up. To me it comes down to shoddy reverse retcon to fix a previous unraveling of what was a loose truth. On that sort of note, what makes some of the book so disappointing to me(in terms of potential) is that there is no real crafty villain. Where is the Verin of the Shadow? As much as I love this series, and I do, BS in Mistborn has a far more creative\nefarious\crafty bad guy. The whole series is about Daes Dae'mar, yet most of the resolution is akin to Rand punching Graendal in the face. I'd hoped we would get the good parts of the BS along with the bad, as we did with RJ. He did a great job on the battles and pacing, in my opinion, I just feel like he might not have had much creative freedom as you really need.
  5. My understanding of the question thing was that you ask about the shadow as long as it is truly important to you. My other thought was always it was a false rumor created by Moridin over the thousands of years between the last companions and now to stop people from using the Door\Aelfin\Ellfin to far more easily defeat the Shadow. The Rumor being, "Don't ask about the Shadow, its bad news" That being said, given how Rand always says something along the lines of, "I don't have all the answers yet", I had hoped his third question was an answer to how to seal the bore but it just made no sense to him. How he did NOT ask a question about the bore is one of the worst oversights of the book(s). For me it falls in with Gareth Bryne (blademaster) sees Gawyn - > soils his pants at how good he is. Gawyn can defeat Sleete -> who once won 1 or 2 of 7 from Lan - > Gawyn uses ter'angreal that makes you super human(ish), not only that, three of them - > is the worst swordsman of the three. Frankly I do believe that this "ranking" of blademasters is the true correct one, except all that other stuff that clearly was pointless drivel in TGS\TOM. I understand the role of the unreliable narrator aka the SuperGirls thinking the Shadow was out for them and didn't care about the three boy Ta'veren, but generally not in their field of expertise. Nynaeve is always fair and truthful about healing, Elayne about politics etc. So either one of the great captains and a blademaster is a horrible judge of skill, or we had lazy comparisons. Or it falls under the naming convention\donate 100 dollars becomes a random blademaster with an awful name sweepstakes.
  6. When I finished the book I contemplated never reading the series again. I love the books, Ive read most of them 50+ times over the years as my go to "nothing to read, read WOT!" since the mid 90s. That said I got the feeling that Mr. Jordan might weirdly agree with my sentiment. I can't really explain it. I think unfortunately we have to accept that BS wasn't dealt a full hand for the books. I mean we spend upwards of 1000 (over many books) pages with Luca\Menagerie\The Kin and they have nary a mention. It was almost like Ila and Raen were meant to encompass all of those kinds of characters we spent so much time with but were ultimately little more then scenery. But yes, I tend to agree with most on the idiocy of Light Channelers\Lack of where they are. 500 Shaido WO can channel, 6000 channelers. But that is just the series. Rand creates a DeathlotusCloudofDeathBlackHole in TSR and you're telling me he couldn't just make\teach how to make that weave to counter the shadowspawn?
  7. As far as the surgeon comment. It wasn't the stitching that stood out. I didn't describe correctly what stood out. It was that Perrin thought of a "master surgeon" when he comes from a town whose medicine is provided by a Wise Woman. Why would he know the concept of not only a medical professional title that didn't exist in that world, but a master of it? I even used the WoT search, the word surgeon doesn't appear once in books 1-11. I think that more effort could have put into the story to make it sound more timeless. This unfortunately has just been a consequence of the BS done books. I come down on the side of Brandon did a good job, but words like "homicide" in TOM just really shouldn't pass muster since they're so, so jarring, and so unbelievably easy to fix.
  8. I registered to say, this seems pretty unambiguous. In fact of all the things that have bothered people for the longest time, this seems to be the clearest "If not A, then must be B" that has been cleared up. I'm kind of surprised people think its the creator\not the DO even though the DO spends the rest of the book hailing lord capslock, might need to read more slowly the second time through or something
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