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  1. Rand I like him and can symphatize with what he was going through. I cheered at Dumai's Well, since I perceived that event as his turning point as the real Dragon in the eye of the Randlanders. I understand why he became harder by each day, but I can't help feeling more and more detached from him. The ZenRand (or RandZen?) was similarly disconcerting, since I felt he became "meta-human". Fortunately that was a trick. I like him better at aMoL, with him showing some emotions etc. I love his and Elayne's scene at aMoL, but I think the ending is less strong than it should be. Perrin was some bland character at the beginning, imho. After the middle books, my feeling for him become more complicated. I grew to love him at Emon's Field siege, but hated his weakness toward Faile. While I admire his leadership (and among the three ta'veren, I think he is the best leader), I also want to smack his head using all WoT volumes combined when he was mopping about Faile. I am forever thankful when the rescue-Faile arc was finished. I think I will symphatize with him better if only RJ explored more on his wolfish/dreamwalker tension, and less on Faile/marriage issue. Mat? I don't like him, but that's maybe because I don't like persons with his characteristics in real life too. I often skipped his story arc and read him on my reread (yes, burn me, the infidel :p ) Nynaeve the bully! At first I hated her because of her bossiness and constantly puffing-and-pulling-her-braid attitude. I found her being bullied (usually by Aes Sedai) as a good karma for her (and comic relief too!). But she grew on me, and each step she made toward maturity, each step I made to start liking her. I truly liked her and happy for her when she almost drowned, able to embrace saidar truly, and met Lan. I love her when she helped Lan by raising the Golden Crane. After that point, she became my number one favorite character! Egwene was a bland character in the beginning, but I saw how she embraced ji'e'toh seriously and upheld her honor during Aiel apprenticeship and started to like her. I admired how she took anything she did seriously. I think she would be a great Wise One. I like her as an Amyrlin but curse her decision in marrying Gawyn. Elayne is one character that become worse and worse in my opinion. She was spoiled little princess who had everything wrapped in her little finger, I get that. But she became more obnoxious at the later point, and even continuously put herself in danger, at the cost of someone else's life! Not only once, but many times! If only Min's viewing on her turned to be some sarcastic foreshadowing (like Sheriam's). Min is okay individually but I don't like her as Rand's love. I never understand why Rand chose to spend majority of his time with her. Aviendha I like her since the beginning! It is too bad that her character was not developed more... I feel that she should become a Wise One right after she left Elayne and played greater role as the representative of the Aiel. Moiraine oh I love her! Despite all of her scheming and meddling, she had dedicated all her life and more for the sake of the world. Lan I don't have strong feeling for him at first, but after he showed more of himself (thanks to Nynaeve for that!), I started to like this guy. Lan and Nynaeve are the best couple in the book! Cadsuane honorable mention. I don't like her. I understand what she was trying to do, and I think her mission was important, but still I don't like her.
  2. I will buy a remixed TGS-TOM-AMOL :)
  3. Ooh, I am waiting for such fanfic! And please, someone make Moiraine-Lan reunion too! :D
  4. And yet, we have a corpse with hair matching Elayne's mounted on a horse to fool the Andoran army that their queen has fallen... This trigger speculation that the corpse is Morgase.
  5. 1) Androl's gateway is a Talent. He weaves differently than other channelers. He even doesn't have to study the terrain before making a gateway. This might be too much, but many of the lost Talents manifest themselves by "the channeler just know it", like Aviendha's detecting the fuctions of ter'angreal, Elayne's making of ter'angreal, Nynaeve's earlier five-power Healing (generic Aes Sedai's Healing only use Spirit, Air, Water), etc. 2) During previous books, Gateways did not play more creative parts in battle, telecommunication etc because of, well, Aes Sedai's conservativeness. Egwene's use of cuendillar to seal Tar Valon's harbor is one such creativity, which is lacking in the life of Aes Sedai as a whole. The Aes Sedai even didn't know what to do with the hundreds of novice, until Sharina came with her method of management (grouping novices into families, gong, etc). That's just reflecting the conservativeness of Aes Sedai, imho.
  6. The similar situation was happened to Lan. His relation to Edeyn in New Spring could also be considered as a rape. While he enjoyed the physical aspect of the relation, he was disgusted by it emotionally, and we can see the power play interaction between the two of them clearly. I was, and still am, disgusted reading that scene.
  7. Mat's flippant attitude makes readers (well, at least me) take his experiences less serious than we (I) should. The loss of his eye, this incident with Tylin, even his marriage with Tuon. I bet if Mat is married to Faile, we (I) still can laugh at his marital life. I still like Perrin better than Mat, though :P
  8. Yeah, Slayer should die at the fighting in ToM. Then, Perrin should has great fight with Lanfear during aMoL, instead of snapping her neck in last couple of paragraphs. Although, action-wise, I have to say that both Perrin's fight against Slayer were cool. Veeery cool.
  9. Well, Perrin got Faile as wife, that is one cruel torture by RJ :P On more serious note, Ashaman who crazy and killed by Rand (or Taim) also suffered terrible fate. Rand giving Fedwin Morr poisoned tea is one of sad scenes for me...
  10. I hope we can get Demandred adventure in Shara, how he managed to control his armies, why were they loyal to him and the Sharan prophecy on Last Battle. For little interaction between Demandred and the female Ayyad, she was not Turned, yet she was very loyal to Demandred. That was interesting. Did she a "Black Ayyad"? Or did she a woman madly in love? Or a combination of both?
  11. I vote for: 1) plenty use of interesting magic 2) intricate politics 3) interesting character interactions As others have noted, the biggest flaw of WoT is the middle books. Since I was introduced to WoT on Winter's Heart, I don't have to wait as long as others. Brandon's books are a very much welcomed relief for me; I prefer a finished (while not perfect) WoT, rather than unfinished WoT. I also followed GRRM. I was excited at first, but the low use of magic rather turned me off. Not too mention the graphic violence in aSoIaF made me dizzy.
  12. Nynaeve. Other fav characters: Moiraine Perrin Cadsuane Egwene (yeah, I am biased on Aes Sedai :P)
  13. Actually, some of the Forsaken were downright nasty, Rahvin as a sex-crazed maniac, Mesaana who designed a brain-washing system of education in the previous Age, Semirhage the sadist, etc. It just that RJ described their atrocities subtly, without graphic sex/violence/whatever. This is one reason that attract me to WoT. I just can't stomach too much blood and violence. The Forsaken, however, were spending too much time for internal squabbling, and some just stupid (or arrogant), waiting for Rand only to be killed by him or his allies. Graendal was cautious, thus managed to survive until the Last Battle.
  14. Moiraine and Lan reunion was off-screen, which is disappointing, imho. Moiraine and Siuan reunion was ... not exist? Another disappointing fact. I don't think aMoL needed several chapters of Moiraine PoV, but just a little personalized on screen meetings with Siuan dan Lan are great. I love Moiraine's uncertainty when meeting Nynaeve at FoM, and then Nynaeve hugged her. This conveyed the emotions and tensions between those two. I just wish there were scenes like this with Moiraine/Lan and Moiraine/Siuan.
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