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  1. Why don't the Seanchan believe in Shadowspawn? They have a blight too, even if it's not the same as the one in the Westlands so wouldn't the Empress and the Royal Family at the least know about them?
  2. I'm at the part in book 10 where Delana says that the Ajah heads want Egwene's advisors to spy on her. Does that mean the Ajah heads in the Tower (Minus the Blues, obviously, and the Reds) or have the Rebels chosen their own Ajah Heads? Also, I thought Egwene's month of building up was over already. Why hasn't she started the siege yet? I know she doesn't block the harbours because she doesn't want to kill the people on the ships but I thought she was going to do what Arymilla is doing to Caemlyn.
  3. So my question is exactly what the thread is called. I've been reading the fifth book and I'm a little lost about where Samara is exactly. Which nation is it in? And where is it relative to Amador or Jehannah?
  4. I can take imperfection. I don't like characters who blame others for no real reason, especially when they're supposed to be good guys.
  5. I know Nynaeve is hypocritical as well, but the point I'm at is where she starts to see that she actually is hypocritical and does try to change, albeit slowly, and so I'm holding judgement on her for the moment. My problem with Egwene was that she seems to have gotten more arrogant as it's come along. I liked her in the beginning. Then she started blaming Rand for random things that had me scratching my head. Like the one time Aviendha got mad at him (during the phase where she was coming to terms with the vision from Rhuidean) and Egwene told him to stop aggravating her, despite the fact tha
  6. Thanks. Yeah, Mashiara Sedai, I do find her annoying though I agree that not everyone will think so. It's mostly the hyporcisy and her tendency to blame Rand for a lot of things that aren't even his fault (like Aviendha's anger towards him, even if he's the cause of it he didn't do anything to antagonize her, yet Egwene constantly berates him for it). I do like a lot of her personality traits like her desire to learn, and her respect for her teachers, it's just her attitude to Nynaeve and Rand that has been really bothering me. But from your answers I guess I'll just have to brace myself in th
  7. Hi, I'm new to the whole Wheel of Time series and only started reading it a while back. At the moment I'm on the fifth book and I have a question I want answered without having too much revealed, hence why I don't just search for an older thread. So my question is this. Is Egwene going to continue being so... annoying, for lack of a better term, for the rest of the books? I honestly did like Egwene in the beginning of the series. She was easily in my top 3 characters in the first and second books and I enjoyed reading about her. Her remarks about males as a whole got irritating at time
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