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  1. I don't understand this quote very well but regardless, it doesn't change the fact that Rand's display of power at Maradon was due to him secretly using an angrial.
  2. The pace of the book felt rushed to me. Too much stuff happens too fast and you don't get the chance to take it in. People die off screen left and right. Every time I started to feel something about a scene, whether it excitement or sadness, it was already over and to the next scene entirely. The book was still good but it was the weakest of the last 3.
  3. Alanna was probably captured by Moridin. He used True Power, that's why none felt any channeling when she disappeared. THE VOICE was most likely DO all along
  4. I'm 99% sure that in the book Moiraine says that with her ivory bracelet angrial she is stronger then she was before. Rand doesn't get stronger after his epiphany, just more skilled. In Maradon he used his fat man angrial.
  5. I feel much better now. But then again, at what point does Mat discover who Halima is? None but him would know that she tried to channel at him and I doubt even he would remember it. Last time I remember he was still wondering if it would protect him from saidin or not. The reader may know but there is no reason the characters would have so much confidence in it.
  6. ok, so this has been bothering me throughout the entire book and it's strange that none mentioned this before: Mat dies from Rahvin's channeling... with the medallion on... there is no place in the series where we have a confirmation that his medallion protects him from saidin... Suddenly it is treated as a known fact and plays a big role in the book. This might be the biggest plot hole so far
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