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  1. First I have to say I am a big Brandon Sanderson fan. I love his other works, however I am a much bigger Robert Jordan fan, the different feel of the prose and characters is obvious in all of the books, and it is no different in the last one, I can tell it is written by a different author, but then again Brandon said he would not try to copy Robert Jordan's style. ( if he would have tried I think he could have, the guy knows how to write other styles, and all these people complaining about his prose like he doesn't know it is different then the rest of the books is just silly. He could have quite effectively chosen to effect the same prose. It was a conscious decision not to. One I disagree with... anyway.... (So) here is the thing that gets me, Brandon is a great lover of creating magic systems, he has written some quite interesting essays on what makes magic systems good and what works. I recommend them to anyone. But if you have followed Brandon's career you know that he has always looked at softer magic systems as inferior, in his interviews he tries hard to act like all magic systems have their merit. If you take his class that he teaches at BYU you would know of his bias against what he calls soft magic systems. Unfortunately I felt his disdain for soft magic systems in his writing of this book. I feel that it really came through with Androl, it was like he was saying, see? if you don't clearly define the rules here's what you can do, it's so overpowered and he slaps you in the face with it with all the new ways he uses Gateways(portals) and other weaves in this book, it's like he went and tried to think of all the overpowered ways you could use existing weaves that if discovered earlier would have broken the series and threw them in after playing the video game portals. Then having Egwene discovering a new weave and naming it the corniest of possible names made me laugh out loud, that was a jab of Brandon to soft magic systems.
  2. Loved it, But it should have been split up into like 3 more books, that's what RJ would have done! and also that way I could read more Wheel of time and it wouldn't be over yet.
  3. I love how Tuon thinks she can just claim people without their consent, talk about thinking of yourself as an empress before all else. I love and hate at the same time how she claims Min. Gotta wonder how long that will last.
  4. Weren't the counts on the armies quite a bit off? Don't get me wrong it felt very epic and I loved it, but when troops were marshaled for the last battle the amount they came up with didn't seem like it was even the full amount of all the Aiel. Just comparing to when the Shiado came to steal rand from the box? Also what's with Logain saying 100 channeling men couldn't take out 100000 trollocks? Didn't they hold back 200000 Shiado when they came for Rand?
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