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  1. I'd hate to be that guy but... Pretty sure there were some Twilight Novels between the 7th HP book and now which would have been more anticipated. ... and... ugh... The Hunger Games maybe.
  2. Yeah it did seem like a bit of an odd moment... all those fights... all that build up... Maybe there is something about getting his hand back in the whole resurrection deal. I'm just waiting for him to go full Neo and get blinded and start seeing the world in the matrix... I mean, Pattern. * *pure speculation, I know nothing about aMoL so nothing I post will be spoilers.
  3. Damn. That settles that. ... so where do we slot in Rand assuming he has both hands? :P
  4. Yeah Lan has always been a strong contender for me also, although purely for the purpose of argument we can feel free to include "Stumpy" (although since he never had access to both Lews Therins complete memories and two hands at the same time he loses the advantage of experience).
  5. So I understand there are rules against racism... but is this just real world racism or does it count for racism against races in the series? If I were to say "damn Illianers learn to speak english without saying "do" every second word" for example is that against the code of conduct? :P
  6. Yeah that's what makes the discussion so interesting. My brother is adamant that Rand is definitely the best swordsman, and yet he gets beaten by Toram Riatin in the woods in Cairhien (albeit while distracted by the mist conjured by Padan Fain). Likewise Gawyn defeats two warders simultaneously multiple times, something no one else is shown to do in the series (although Rand kills one with his bare hands and another with the first warders sword in a matter of seconds). And then ofcourse Lan kills Toram Riatin in Far Madding without breaking a sweat. It's really quite tricky to
  7. Not to immediately contradict myself here, but while I respect where you are coming from - it comes off as a little naive. I think books are amazing, and have filled my bags with them on every vacation I've ever taken. But that doesn't mean I'm going to dismiss the rise of digital media as "some things should stay the way that they are." The example of the newspaper is a good one, we live in an age where you keep up or you get out of the way - something none of us want to see happen to literature. Personally I find the "magic" you refer to exists in the words, as much as I love the tex
  8. Pretty simple question, although one which has raised extended and heated debate between friends and family of mine - who do you feel is the best swordsman in Wheel of Time? I mean, obviously there are so many Blademasters around and characters to choose from, so we should probably keep this to discussing people we've actually seen fight at length in the series and leave out Blademasters who are confirmed but only take part in large scale battles and few duels (like Rodel Ituralde and the other Great Captains). So with that in mind, a (very) short list of people to expand upon as potential n
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