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  1. At the very least, someone like Noal should have talked a bit more about Shara, maybe about their prophecies regarding Bao the Wyyld. If we had that information, it would not have been obvious that Demandred was there, but it wouldn't have seemed like a total cop out when they showed up at the battle. Again, how much time was wasted with Elayne conquering Caemyln or taking a bath or drinking goat's milk when we could have seen this and it would have been more powerful when they actually showed up instead of a "What the......." moment like most of us had
  2. He almost had a Kurtz/Heart of Darkness thing going on from living with the Sharans which I really enjoyed. I just wish we had known a bit more about Shara and had at least ONE POV of Demandred doing more instead of Faile being kidnapped/Elayne taking a bath/Bargains with the Sea Folk. It seems like a wasted opportunity
  3. I have a big problem with the Compulsion thing. If it is so easy to do, why didn't the Shadow just Compell everyone in the 1st book and be done with it. It seems a little too neat
  4. I was confused by this at first too, but if you think about it--each of the 4 Great Captains are fighting on a front. Mat would likely be the 5th Great Captain if you were ranking them, so it makes sense for him to be with the Seanchan even if he doesn't know why he's headed there
  5. Reading books about perfect characters would get boring, no?
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