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  1. Finished book, can't say really enjoyed it. Couldn't understand what was the deal with Moiraine, before her death she was sort of Deus Ex Machina (doing all crazy stuff in TEotW, learning about Sammael in DR), now she was just quoting prophecies. An only moment that got to me was Logain's moral compas fixing, but there were too little of Black Tower except for Androl.
  2. @fionwe1987 I wasn't speaking about moral relativism per se, you assumed that in post #162. It's just one of the things I expected. But as I said - "Ah well, it's my own expectations". I'll read the book anyways. Ending seems to be better than I feared anyways.
  3. I would disagree with that. I think some of character actions were quite well though, they tried to do good, but would end up doing more bad, and some baddies would get them self in trouble, in essence doing good in the end, even by removing them selves (not the best way to show it, Jordan was no Iain (M) Banks, but still). But well, I guess I was reading too much between the lines.
  4. Yes? Why is this hard to believe. We've been told time and again the DO is the essence of evil, the exact counterpart of the Creator. This is hardly a surprise revelation of the finale! No. We've always been told that the DO was a fundamental force. Remember Verin saying that TAR was the third constant? What did you think the other two were? Its the Creator and the DO. If we accept that TAR/the Pattern are not inherently good or evil (we know this, TAR is infinitely malleable, and we have confirmation the Pattern also cares nothing for good or evil), and we further accept that the Creator is pure good, and the second constant, how then can we not accept that Her equal, her counterpart, is not pure Evil? Well, I guess I always had a problem with the fact that that creator can really be good. Well, I guess I have problems with concepts as "good" and "evil", and I hoped that I won't have to suspend my disbelief on a philosophical level, it's one thing to ignore story, another one when something that looks a bit too teen-agy and primitive is being presented as ending for a 20year-old saga. A lot of readers actually grew up…
  5. So, aMoL sounds like: pretty good battle scene, some over-philosophical bullshit targeted at young adult about good and evil and bunch of lose ends getting unsatisfying resolution :)?
  6. Is there any forsaken who managed to stay alive (one way or another), and survive last battle?
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