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  1. I've never liked Gawyn much (though never outright hated him), but I think his choice had the logic of necessity to it, so I don't think the typical "Gawyn's a moron" argument continues here. Stopping Demandred was absolutely essential to any hope of winning the battle, and it's abundantly clear that conventional means won't be enough. He knows he has one of the few unique tools at his disposal, making him one of the few people potentially able. I don't think it was *the* saddest moment, agreeing with Barid's earlier post, I would have been very dissatisfied with Demandred's death coming so easily, but there was still pain in the moment. Egwene's actually did surprise me; in previous books, her plot armor always seemed the strongest to me. And I personally didn't find the scene cheesy. Especially liked her return to help Rand. The mixed emotions of Demandred's story. The man is evil, killing hundreds to thousands with balefire, but there's still the sadness of knowing that he may have had genuine interest in the people he'd taken leadership of and that he was still a person capable of love. This is far more telling of the evil of the Dark One; sadistic torture, etc. are certainly evil, but the idea that a human with genuine emotions and the capability of caring for others can be led to such outright atrocity is . . . tough. I guess this would also be the place to consider emotionally powerful scenes, and Rodel's story was that for me. I've always personally liked his character, so I was happy to be in his point of view, seeing him resist the compulsion to the greatest extent possible before the wolves stepped in. Then to see him make it at the end. Was happy to see that. (Related note: did Agelmar end up stepping aside and sitting out quietly, or did he have a death like Gareth/Davram? Can't recall). Just for the record: I'm a man, I have carried 0 babies in my non-existent womb, but I still found the Elayne scene quite disturbing. I don't think that's a "you have to be a mother to understand" situation but rather a "you have to be a human being to understand" moment.
  2. Idea: Something that is occurring: attack on Caemlyn Possible mistake: People have objected to the inadequate defense/blocking of the waygate, right? Explanation in TDR: I don't have the ready familiarity others do with it, but I imagine Mat's trip to Caemlyn/learning of Gaebril's plot may have included something. I'm still confused about the NDA issue though. I understand that it's not from the parts that Luckers had early access to, but if it's from the prologue/1/2/11, I don't see why there needs to be secrecy. So either there's some alternate loophole involved...something BS has said in interview or on Twitter, or perhaps the resolution of the "mistake" would include parts of the book included in the NDA? [edit: typo]
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