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  1. did we know who was the fake sammeal? was it demandred or moridin?
  2. loial and the ogier were described as fierce fighters, even singing during fighting...After the battle he was looking for mat and perrin for more information for his book, since he believes that he needs the info fresh so that the people can remember all the details... in the end we saw a quote of his book, i think it is a quote that we already read before... oja, all the ogier sang to the trees that rhand created just before the bttle started...for the first time humans grew tall trees instead of cutting them...
  3. Leilwin Shipless saved egwene once...so she is the seanchan i suppose the rest didn 't play a role except gaul, who went hunting in TAR in flesh with perrin, perrin left him there to protect rhand in tar...afterward don't remember anymore if he hooked up... the epilogue isn't about who is going to marry with who or that kinda stuff...it's about perrin finding faile,about the death of rhand and his secret swap...some minor things were hinted or told like cadsuana becoming amyrlin, tuon pregnant,etc...the rest happens offscreen
  4. i have a queston about moghedien as well. tuon and egwene made a deal that whoever wants to be collared can be collared and vice versa. so, can moghedien be free, if she choose not to be collared. or will the deal not upheld? either way mogy on a leash, doesn't mean that she never can escape in the future. so off all the forsaken , at the end she was the only one who survived. second question, why was it good thing that rhuarc died for the future of the aiel? will there be new chiefs , since they have a new role as peacekeepers. 5 of the chief clans died, who survived?
  5. egwene was one of the strongest of the white tower but she wasn t brightest, she didn't plan shit and was more busy with gawyn than the war,shehad only one epic moment...androl had a bigger impact than egwene, in the building up to the battle , during the batte and aftermath. This is... amusing. Right. Hence, he brought the army of an entire continent to destroy them? You forget that their theatre in the early battles was doing the best. And in the final battle, they once again did very well before Taim's entrance, at which point Egwene did what she did, and still achieved the most significant result in that battle: the removal of the most major chunk of channelers the Shadow had in that battle. I'm confused how any of this adds up to "weak in battle". like i said i don't think they did that good, especially with the planning... examples: -left their captains without protection in TAR (sure you can blaime the wise ones as well) -she should had given the bond to someone else when gawyn was dying, she was the leader of the white tower and should never be that vunerable. - it is a fact that sharan channelers were far stronger than the aes sedai, since they were born with war -i didn't say that egwene didn't do nothing, she did wiped the majority of the sharan channelers in that epic battle vs taim but it wasn't the decisive blow. Lan did more by killing demandred androl did more by saving the black tower,planning, creating circkels with aes sedai and ashaman, spying, etc... mat wel off course did more perin did more by saving rhand by killing lanfear at the real battle same with nynaeve by keeping allana alive etc... That's why i think she didn't shine the brightest, others did better o well i just don't like egwene, everyone was thinking about the world, and she was the only character thinking about her lover. even perrin choose rhand above faile. -
  6. egwene was one of the strongest of the white tower but she wasn t brightest, she didn't plan shit and was more busy with gawyn than the war,shehad only one epic moment...androl had a bigger impact than egwene, in the building up to the battle , during the batte and aftermath. and don 't forget she had sa'angreal.The thing is, we don 't see the sedai from the white tower doing great stuff, so yess she was the brightest but only from the white tower.even demandred thought they were weak, not use to battle and you had enough duels: demandred vs every proven swordsman except the man who he hated the most tham did some nice things too lan was rambo I actually love fain' death...it was written that it would be fain vs mat...and mat killed him by a simple trick,mat style....it doesn't always have to be epic battles
  7. It may not have much to do materially, but it is important nonetheless. Without this, the idea of killing the DO still persists, maybe in Rand's mind, definitely in the reader's mind. This was needed to wrap up some things about WoT metaphysics that had not been explicitly shown before. Rand's idea about killing the Dark One was stupid. It wasn't important to the plot in any way, which is why it is extraneous. it might be stupid but how he wanted to do it was brilliant...using the flaw of callandor combined with saidin and saidar and do' power was superbe planning and thinking...
  8. I like androl too, but like you said he did so much...and we don 't really know him, so it is harder to get emotional invested in him. not only he saved logain and the black tower, he was the center of the attack of the channelers, he spied on demandred and taim...and in the end convinced logain to help the people and so helped hem redeem himself...That's too much for one guy in one book i loved the strategy of the DO btw: -corruption of the 4 great captains was genius -corruption of the dark tower - the surprise aiel chansellers -using compulsion on multiple leaders like rhuarc -the whole sharan army was a big suprise for the light if taim and demandred were just a little less arrogant they might have won it
  9. cadsuana is going to be the leader of the white tower and logain of the black tower. There also hints of a possible grey tower (at least androl was dreaming about it) btw i don't really understand why androl had such big role in the last book while he is a new character and major chracters like cadsuana had minor or no role at all.
  10. for me only the aftermath was a letdown...only couple of page ...and it lacked emotions.
  11. demandred was the most skilled but not the best
  12. Well . . . the Sharan society was NOT depicted in a very good light. Even before Demandred got there, it seemed pretty "evil" . . . darker even than the Seanchan. I'm also not sure if Demandred ever really "loved" his people. He was consumed, obsessed with beating Lews Therin and at the end of the day he is still Forsaken. i didn t say demandred, i meant his people loved him and were broken when he died...especially his lover. Even taim said that demandred has become softer since he went to sharan...and demandred himself thought perhaps , if he didn t was consumed with hatred, things could be different and that would actualy care about sharan
  13. yess! the enemie army is led by demandred and the light by mat. there are muttiple battlefield.Their war is like a chess game played by grandmasters (demandred and mat)
  14. egwene doesn t need to anymore... everyone recognize his awesomeness, he saved the world and the world knows it. He was as good as demandred was, perhaps even better because demandred was prepared and he had to plan it as it goes. Deamandred prove to be the most badass general of the dark...it was suprissing how good he was, there was also some tragic about his fall.his people really loved him at the end
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