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  1. On behalf of the Empress Fortuona, may she live forever, I voice that "The Flame of Tar Valon" is a stupid name for that weave, and henceforth it shall be known by it's new name: "Bale-Ice". Oh, and I loved the Hinderstap part.
  2. What I think they should do with gateways is to just weave hundreds of pairs of 1mm by 1mm gateways about chest hight into the area that the Trollocs are about to charge through. That would slow down the Trollocs are scare them mightily, while not requiring too much strength in the power. Although I don't know if fine weaving requires too much skill (but not strength).
  3. They're not in the blight. They're in the blasted lands. And the pattern has been weakening enough that parts of the blight were actually showing up in random parts of the normal universe several books ago. It's weakened so much around Shayol Ghul that you can almost walk from Tel'aran'rhiod to the real world Shayol Ghul without a gateway. What I think makes no sense is that Perrin can enter the dream void from Tel'aran'rhiod in the flesh. That's just silly.
  4. Actually, the nobody who liked men was revealing what you complained about at the end of chapter 15. There seems to be something up with the great generals making dumb decisions.
  5. The audiobook is free with the trial offer, and can be downloaded immediately..
  6. The (audio)book has a quote before the prologue. But I assumed they were the same other than that, and skipped most of the stuff I already read. Can someone tell me which part of the book I need to listen to again? I only have the audio book and it reads much slower than I like for content I've already read. (By the way, I just listened to the last half of Canon in D Major, it's still good starting halfway through when I've heard the start many times before)
  7. Good idea!... Oops... I randomly linked this one: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/EvilOverlordList
  8. I've been brainstorming ways to seal the Dark One away: If the Dark One's prison is the pattern itself, and the threads of the pattern are people's lives, and the Dark One is escaping through holes in the pattern where the pattern is thinnest, then some ways you could seal away the Dark One would be: 1. Impregnate as many women as possible to create more threads. Preferably around Shayol Ghul. This is of course explains why Randy Old Thor, and Lewd Therin Telamon, two of the sleaziest heroes, were chosen as the Dragon. And why Mat is so important to the last battle. And why Perin, who is too moral for such things, has to die (according to prophesy). Rand's plan is probably to organise a massive orgy at Shayol Ghul, and he's no doubt tugging his earlobe right now thinking about it. The Forsaken Graendal has cleverly been trying to counter this plan by hiding away all the beautiful people. 2. Maybe it's just the rate at which people are dying is the problem. If people can be kept alive, maybe the existing threads, and any new ones that happen naturally will be enough to hold him. Maybe the Dark One is only escaping because so many people keep dying. 3. Maybe people are thinking about this all wrong. Each age has it's own pattern in the age lace. Maybe all that needs to happen is to trigger the switch to the next age, and the pattern will fix itself. Maybe that's all Lews Therin Telamon did to seal away the Dark One, just triggering a change to the third age. And all Rand has to do is continue his work on steam-power and science, to bring about the fourth age, at which point the Dark One will be automatically sealed away behind a new pattern. 4. Since the pattern weaves itself around ta'veren, maybe all that needs to happen to strengthen the weave in a particular spot, is to move all the ta'veren to stand around Shayol Ghul for a while and wait for the pattern to weave around them. 5. Maybe it's more to do with the way worlds are woven into the pattern. Maybe they need to start moving people between worlds, or putting seals in other worlds, and just generally linking the worlds together more tightly. Or maybe it's not about the pattern. Maybe the seals themselves that are the problem. Some ideas could be: 6. Make the seals out of something tougher, and longer lasting, than cuendillar. Like Bela. Or Mercedes Benz hood ornaments. Or portal stones. Or the tower of Ghenji. Or those fossils that keep turning up but which must come from an age long before the first age. 7. Just use a lot more seals. 8. Use sea-lions instead. Or maybe they just need to go back to a variant of the original plan: 9. Seal off Shayol Ghul from the rest of the world. Cut it out of the ground and launch it into space. Send the whole place through a portal stone. Although I don't think these are possible without the Choedan Kal.
  9. I don't think anyone's that cruel. Besides, people would just think it was another crazy theory like all the others people have guessed.
  10. Oh, OK. Well, I didn't consider that a spoiler. You'll notice I didn't mention there (even though I did here) which POV came after that POV though. Since it's theoretically possible, even though it's extremely unlikely, that , or that people might not want to know whose POV comes next until they've read the current one. But I don't think the bit people are currently up to spoils anything. Anyway, I won't post anything outside those excerpts or Memories in the other board anymore.
  11. I thought you didn't have the book yet. How spoilerish are your spoilers? Worth reading if we've only read the first POV? BTW, who's been using Balefire around the other forum? Some threads seem to have not just been cut, but removed from the past. I'd guess about a day's worth of Balefire. My humour isn't that bad, is it? I didn't post any spoilers. I did however post an important warning about spoilers.
  12. I only spoilered myself with a brief look at the chapter titles and some of the early POVs, and with those blasted daily "Memories of Light" spoilers (don't read today's).
  13. OK, I have a tiny amount of information about what happens next (after the Chapter 3 excerpt)... It then switches to Rand al Thor's POV, before coming back to Pevara Sedai's POV. (Either that, or it continues Androl's POV for another scene first, but I think Brandon uses "scene" to mean POV). I know it's not much, but it's a start.
  14. Now all we need are the chapter icons... I'll start: which I know because the first person to get an early release posted a photo of the Chapter 2 title (by request) as proof that they really had it. (I don't think that really breaks the titles-only rule too much, since we've all listened to or read the entire chapter 2 already)
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