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  1. She might be a version of Aviendha from another part of the pattern. This may be a little far fetched but it might of been herself using a portal stone. We know there is one near Rhuidean. This might of been part of her plan to change the future she saw in the Pillars. As much as I ate time traveling and dues ex machina in books to solve problems this might be one way of looking at it
  2. i dont know how i feel about this. as much as i want to see the aiel stay strong, i agree that in order to prevent the future they must change it. i agree with Snowball that this will most likely end up in the Unresolved catergory, mostly like so that people will have something to write Fanfiction about. and since it was touched on briefly in this, i want to get my prediction down for how to close the Bore. when lew therin went to the Bore the first time with the hundred compainons, he only had male channelers with him because the female Aes Sedai refused to go with them. so when they touch Saiden to the dark one he tainted it. so my belief is that Rand will use the True Source to reseal the Bore. The True Source comes directly from the Dark One, and only the Forsaken can use it. I believe he (and maybe moridin) use it to seal the dark one, preventing a taint on Saiden and Saider
  3. i want to address a couple different theories i have. first off, i believe that Cadsuane is a Darkfriend. when she is first introduced it talked about then ignored. she has a similar background as Taim as well. noone had heard from her in years, many assumed she was dead, and then all of sudden Boom there she is. Taim was captured by darkfriends enroute to the white tower and replaced. how do we know she didnt do the same thing? she constantly helps Rand, but were better for a traitor to hide than beside the one she has to stab in the back. she might also be helping him knock out forsaken, so at the final battle theres room for her to move up. Id also like to look at the dark prophecy. the one eyed fool has to be Mat. while there are other one eyed characters, it just doesnt make sense for any of them. the hall of mourning i believe are in Ebou Dar, not only because of the death of Tylin whom he mourns, but because they are still mourning the death of the Empress in Seachan. or maybe the halls of mourning are actually in seachan. while i like the idea of The First among Vermin being Fain, i belive it has to apply to Rand. the One who destorys is the Dark One. rememeber that this is a dark prophecy. The one who Destorys sounds to honorific to apply to one of the Randland characters. since Rand (first among vermin) open talks about breaking the seals (setting free) which would let the dark one out (He who destorys), i feel this is the only way it makes sense. i will come back to the blacksmith later I have to many ideas all as weak as the last about the Broken Wolf. one idea is Lan. he is often discribed like a wolf, and with his death the borderlands, and many people would be shaken. another suggestion is Elyas. he is a wolf brother althought im not sure how hed be "broken". another is perrin but since he was already refrenced as the Fallen Blacksmith, i doubt itd have two different names for the same person. i liked the theory above about it being hopper. since wolves can be changed into Darkhounds, maybe his soul is brought back by the forsaken as a darkhound. this one im not sure on. the fallen blacksmith in my mind is Perrin. However, i believe that he himself is killed. this comes for a common theme i have found in writing. there are 3 parts of a human, the pyshical, the mental, and the spirtual. i believe the 3 ta'vern represent this. Mat is the Pyshical side. he is often concerned with the more tangible side of life, gambling women and drinking. he will lead the armies in the final battle. Rand is the spirtual. his specialty is in the One Power, and dealing with the dark one (devil figure). he will fight the "big fight with religous undertones" against the dark one. Perrin represents the mental side. he is a deep thinker and a wolf brother (often thought of as wise). my theory is he dies, but as a wolf brother, awakes in the wolf dream. as a earlier WoT if posulates, if the Horn brings the pyshical world into the Dream world, then Perrin will lead the wolves into battle (most likely with a battle against Slayer thrown in since he is the Mental counterpart.) to anyone who stuck with me through this whole mess of theories, my thanks
  4. I personally believe that Alivia has to do with an answer Rand recieved from the Aelfinn. i assume (and i believe it was mentioned, but can't remember where) that Rand asked them "how can i survive the last battle?" When Min tells him that Alivia will help him die, he accepts it and starts to trust her. i think that she will be one of the two who will help him use Callandor, along with Nynaeve, since they are the two strongest female channelers. then, at some point he will be hurt and ask for death, and when nynaeve refuses, Alivia does it for him.
  5. let me start off by agreeing that that its a possible future, and not one that is set in stone. clearly laying out the future is a pit of trouble, which is why most writers tend to use riddles. however, i believe there is one assumption here that is being overused. we know that for MEN the pillars show the past, and this is a step to becoming a clan chief. however, no where (that i can think of) does it say it does the same thing for women. the woman's path to becoming a Wise One includes a trip through the rings, where as for men it does not. the Wise ones constantly say that they are more knowledgable than men. maybe a woman is shown the past and the future. the wise ones seem to know much about the future and prophecy, maybe this is where that knowledge comes from.
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