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  1. I'm a kilted writer! I wear the kilt exclusively--no trousers for me, thank you.
  2. I've heard a couple Mastodon songs, and they were pretty good--but I've yet to buy an album from them. Maiden has a very distinct sound, but I wouldn't say their songs all sound the same. Case in point: Number of the Beast and Somewhere in Time, both good albums, but Somewhere in Time has a very "processed" sound, which . . . I dunno. I like the content of the album, but the guitars are probably a tad over-processed. Overall, Iron Maiden has made some pretty epic albums in their career. Any Iced Earth fans here? ~James
  3. I like to wear boots with the kilt, but in summer, Birkenstocks are the only way to go. There is an older fellow in Storrington, West Sussex who has done a lot to promote kilt-wearing--he has over 70 kilts! The great thing about the kilt is that it can be worn casually, business dress, semi-dress and formal; there's no limit to the possibilites! It truly is one of the most versatile garments known to man.
  4. Actually, I live in the US. My family, however, originated in Ayrshire, a sept of clan Boyd which migrated to Ireland, and established the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in Ireland. But why wear the kilt? The lassies love it There is a growing number of men the world over who are adopting the kilt--myself included. I can't stand fabric bunched between me legs
  5. Of course! I wonder what direction Metallica would have taken had Dave Mustaine remained in the band. Perhaps Listening to Mechanics and Mechanix side by side would give us a clue.
  6. Well, there is that old rivalry [which Dave apologized for] between Megadeth and Metallica. I've never really liked Metallica--I'm a faithful Megafan \m/ To each their own :)
  7. Thanks for the welcome! Egwene, thanks! I'm one o' the odd blokes who wears a kilt daily. Oh, the freedom! ~James
  8. I've been around on and off since 2001 as Dragon Interrupted . . . but the new DM boards ate me first attempt to register as such. Anywho, I'm James from southern California. Look forward to meeting new DM'ers! ~James
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