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  1. Frakk, I think it just hit me that WoT is over...damn man. And I'll say that there were some things I didn't like, but there are some things I didn't like about every book. On the whole, this was a great book for me and a fitting ending to WoT.
  2. Teslyn reappears in a way that I didn't see coming but leaves me happy. Also, there really is no resolution to long-running issues like that in my opinion. When people say that the book ends abruptly, they're not kidding.
  3. One thing I noticed is that the concept of scale was hugely disproportional to what was actually happening. There were, at the very least, hundreds of thousands of soldiers on the side of the Light alone. Hell, the Seanchan by themselves brought at least 150-200k, if not more than that. The Sharans, hundreds of thousands, the Trollocs should have easily surpassed a million in order to have some of the numerical advantage they were said to have. None of this, and I mean absolutely none of it, came through in the text, it's like this was a battle that encompassed 150-300k(on both sides altogethe
  4. You find out more about their motivations later on.
  5. By the end, I meant more the final third/quarter of the book, not literally the last few pags. As for those final pages, I won't say that I wouldn't have liked them to be better, but they were enjoyable and that's ok by me.
  6. How long before the peace of the Dragon gives way before natural impulses? I'd say by the first fifty-sixty years there'd be serious low-simmering tensions and then stuff blows up into a big conflagration.
  7. Building on my past comments, there were some moments where I felt really jarred out of the story. When we see the new crown of Malkier, I had a sense that RJ would have described it in less than three words. When Tylee's men attack, the description of them was very...it didn't create the same mood of panicked warfare that Jordan did in Cairhien and Dumai's. And the resolution of the Hinderstrap upset me first because I went 'WTF, this is what it was building to?' and then it frustrated me because it's such a random thing to throw into the story. At the same time, I loved the back-and-fort
  8. So I just finished the book. I think it'll take some time for it to sink in but the best way I can sum it up is this: I liked the beginning, I was underwhelmed/disappointed in the middle, and I loved the end.
  9. I'm not sure that a Silence Like Screaming is 13x13 related, to me it feels what...like a bubble of evil-type thing where an entire location is wiped off the map, like a town or region being completely disappeared(maybe linked to the TR memory teaser).
  10. Does anyone know if previous chapter titles have sometimes been things that were being spoken by characters within those chapters? It might reveal quite a few things about who is in that chapter and what happens.
  11. I'm really intrigued by 21's '???', is there anything you can say about that one Terez?
  12. I like the titles, very evocative for the most part except for the ones that make no sense(Wyld for instance, why that spelling?) and none of them were spoilery that I can figure not having read the book. At first glance, it seemed like they were longer than what they normally were, but after checking ones from the other books, they're about the same length. I'm really looking forward to Chapter 30 now, I guess that it is most likely an Isam & Perrin-related but I could be way off. Chapter 20 is just...the heck is going on there? Unless it involves(potentially massive spoilers, highlight a
  13. *facepalms* I knew it would be both the most ridiculously easy and convoluted thing once I realized. Immense gratitude from my part to the person who helped. I'd like to have a place to discuss the titles and what they could possibly mean without spoilering anyone or ruining it for those who are still looking, can a new thread be created or should I just use this?
  14. I think it's important to ask what this would imply if it was the final itiration(sp?) of the Dark One's attempt to remake the pattern in his image (by most likely destroying it): - The Dark One wins, existence ends and anti-existence/the void begins. That's the only way I can make sense of what the Dark One wants since he is the polar opposite of the Creator and given the Creator's impulse/drive to create, thus the Dark One would want to uncreate. But, given that this is still a fantasy epic albeit an unique one, we can safely say that this isn't going to happen. - The Dark One's driv
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