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  1. For all those who hate Logain in this book: think about all the hell he has been through, plus the intense torture when they tried turning him. For all those who support Nakomi = Creator avatar: why the hell would the Creator interfere with the Aiels future? Why not other nation?
  2. It had everything to do with heartbeats. It plainly says so in aMoL. Anyone know how the seals were stolen?
  3. The most *goosbumpy* moment for me is when they killed Bela. I mean, WHY?!? T_T just... why..? *sobs in the corner* BTW, who was that woman in page 892 (I think...) - was that Nakomi? Do we know who Nakomi is? I had a theory that Nakomi and Bela were linked somehow like Rand and Ishamael, and I thought this was going to help win the LB, but I guess I was wrong (or was I....?). And another question: do we know what Moiraine 2 other demands were?
  4. I'm dying to discuss and share opinions, are you happy now? *whimpers and slowly dies in the corner*
  5. I finished it and you won't hear anything from me :) I truly hope others will do the same.
  6. I just finished AMoL and I have no idea what Luckers is talking about. Luckers, can you say what chapter the "mistake" is in AMoL? This way, only people with the book can understand and it won't reveal anything to anyone else.
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